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MOM Check FAQs

Does HR check your degree?

The role of checking and verifying credentials and degrees typically falls with the human resources department. An examination of your educational history may reveal your GPA and accolades. If this information is relevant to the position they are hiring for, an employer will request it (such as a higher education teacher).

Do all companies in Singapore require education verification proof?

Many companies in Singapore verify education and the number is increasing every year. They require applicants to provide the certificates of their qualifications and degrees, to determine if they are qualified for the role they are applying for.

Are educational certificates certified by a notary public accepted as a form of verification proof?

Notarized educational credentials are not recognized as a form of verification proof.

What are the education verification proof requirements in Singapore?

If you are required to provide verification evidence, it must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Confirms that the credentials are authentic and came from recognized institutes
  • Proof should come from a background check company that is approved by MOM such as Veremark

What is a MOM approved institution for education verification?

Veremark is an approved institution for education verification in Singapore, our method of verifying schooling meets MOM's specifications. We will verify that the degree is authentic and was earned from a recognized school. The institution must have accreditation from the appropriate government agency or from a recognized, long-standing association.

How is an education background verification done?

The internal offices of the universities are often where degrees and diplomas are verified. In order to validate an individual's claims, businesses and institutions also rely on third-party education check services like Veremark to coordinate with data sources and feedback providers. Veremark connects securely with global providers and candidate’s nominees, ensuring all data is fully verified.

How can Singapore employers verify the educational documents of their applicants?

They can use a third-party service that is accredited by MOM (Ministry of Manpower) such as Veremark. Once you have given the candidate's contact information, Veremak will contact them. They’ll then be prompted to a secure portal where they can fill out their relevant details so that the checks may begin. You will receive an update when the results are ready and Veremark will provide the login information so you can download the results from the platform.

What is an academic verification proof?

The proof demonstrates that the academic credentials are authentic and came from a recognised organization.

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