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Checking your candidate’s criminal history through a criminal / police or DBS check is a ‘no-brainer’.

Manage your hiring risks and make sure you are not hiring someone who has a history of criminal activity by using Veremark’s criminal background screening service.

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Our Criminal Background Checks report on the following information

  • Unspent convictions and conditional cautions
  • Reprimands and final warnings
  • Any information held by police about your candidate
  • Whether a candidate is barred from performing a certain job role

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Our automated solution means you can complete checks within 24hrs
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A range of over 20 checks and 32,000 databases to search against on a global scale
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Our automated solution means you can complete checks within 24hrs
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Our digital solution consistently receives 5 star feedback from users
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Fast Turnaround Times

A range of over 20 checks and 32,000 databases to search against on a global scale

Steps involved in the criminal background check process:


Set up your account and select criminal check

The criminal background check can be ordered individually or as part of a check package.


Enter the candidate details

Or bulk upload multiple candidate details for background checking at scale.


Candidate receives email and gives consent

Consent is given digitally via e-signature.


Candidate will be prompted to provide necessary documentation 

Through an elegant and easy to use digital experience.


System analysis and matches documentation provided and returns results

The criminal background check result is delivered as part of the verified candidate profile.


What is criminal records checking?

Criminal records background checking covers a screening of candidates for any unspent criminal convictions and cautions.

What is included in criminal background checks?

Criminal records checking verifies the candidate background with regards to unspent convictions and conditional cautions, reprimands and final warnings, information help by the police, and whether a candidate is barred from performing a certain type of job.

Which sectors use criminal records background checks?

Criminal records background checks are important for all candidate hiring across all sectors.

How are the criminal records background checks done?

A candidate’s criminal history is checked through a criminal & police database, and a DBS (disclosure & baring service).

How to get a criminal background check?

Criminal records are a matter of public record, which means that anyone can get access to them. There are  different ways to do this, and the process will vary depending on what you're looking for. You can use private companies that specialize in background checks for employment purposes. Some companies offer criminal records as part of their services.

How far back does criminal background check go?

Background checks typically cover seven years of your background including criminal and court records but can go back further depending on compliance law, which is determined by the type of search you're performing.

How long does a criminal background check take?

Criminal background checks can take up to a few days to complete. But, with advancements in technology, it is possible for companies to process background checks quickly and efficiently.

Criminal background checks are generally fast, especially when they are conducted on the National Criminal Database. This database is publicly available and can be searched without any issue. The time it takes to conduct a criminal background check varies depending on the database that is being searched and the severity of the crime committed.

Do most tech startups conduct criminal background checks?

This is a common practice in the industry because it helps to protect the company from potential liabilities and maintain a safe workplace. Although this practice is not mandatory, most tech startups will require applicants to reveal criminal records before they are hired.

How are criminal background checks not considered an invasion of privacy?

There are many reasons why criminal background checks are not considered an invasion of privacy. One reason is that they are designed to protect people from the risk of committing crimes. Another reason is that they help employers to make sure that the person they hire will be a good fit for their company. Lastly, employers have the right to know about criminals to protect and ensure the safety of their employees.

What is the best way to do a criminal background check?

There are many ways to do a criminal background check. Some of the most common ways are using social media, searching for public records, conducting an internet search, and hiring a background check company.

In the UK, who has the ability to check a criminal record?

Regardless of the position being applied for, an employer can look into a candidate’s criminal history. A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is used to conduct the check. A more thorough DBS check may be required for specific positions, such as those involving interaction with children or those in the medical field.

How are employment criminal checks conducted?

Employers can check the criminal records of their candidates or they can use the services of a background checking service provider. Partnering with a screening provider helps ensure the check is conducted quickly and compliantly while freeing up HR personnel resources.

What are the most common types of criminal background checks in the UK?

The most common criminal checks in the UK are:

  1. Basic check -  reveals pending convictions and conditional warnings.
  2. Standard check - displays any cautions, reprimands, spent and unspent convictions, and final warnings. 
  3. Enhanced check - displays the same information as a basic check along with any local police information deemed pertinent to the position.

Can I get a criminal check for myself?

A Basic DBS check in the UK is a criminal background investigation that you may be requested by an individual. An employer could also request that you obtain this basic check.

How much does a criminal background check cost?

The price will depend on the type of criminal check as well the country where it will be conducted. It will also depend on the number of checks that will be carried out by the requester.

Does a criminal record check reveal overseas convictions?

It's possible that a foreign conviction won't always show up on the PNC (Police National Computer). To ensure a complete candidate profile, an employer would want to conduct checks in any location where the candidate has spent a significant amount of time.

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