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Unfortunately, fraudulent identity documents are not uncommon. Fake visas, passports and ID cards can all be obtained to support a candidate’s application to work. Aside from workplace issues, this type of misrepresentation can result in considerable consequences - both legally and financially - for businesses.

As part of our Right to Work verification, Veremark’s check process investigates possible fraud. We promise accuracy and speed - so you can make informed decisions when you next hire.


Can I outsource the right to work check?

Yes, a lot of companies are outsourcing the right to work check process and it’s becoming a popular option for companies that are looking for a way to streamline their hiring process. The right to work check is an essential part of the recruitment process. It helps you find out if someone is legally allowed to work in a particular country, and should be used as a mandatory background check. Outsourcing this service can help you save time, money and resources, and receive a high level of quality service.

Do employers need to check settled status for existing employees?

Employers need to check the status of their employees. If they are not eligible for settled status, employers will need to consider their options carefully. Employers should not just assume that if an employee has indefinite leave to remain (ILR or Permanent Residence) then they are automatically eligible for settled status. There are many other routes to ILR and these routes will have different eligibility criteria and requirements.

How do you know if you have the right to work in the UK?

You have the right to work in the UK if you're either a British citizen, Irish citizen, or you already have EU Settlement Scheme eligibility. You also qualify if you're in the UK with visas that grant permission to work in this country.

Is a driver's license proof of the right to work?

A driver's license is not a proof of right to work. A driver's license is proof that you are licensed to operate a vehicle but it does not prove your right to work in a given country. It is issued by the government and the issuance of such licenses varies from one country to another. A driver's license will only be an acceptable form of identification in some countries. In order for an individual to have the right to work, they must have a valid visa or work permit that allows them to legally reside and pursue employment in a particular country or jurisdiction.

Is a national insurance number proof of the right to work?

The National Insurance Number (NINO) is a unique identifier for all people who work in the United Kingdom. It is not proof of right to work but it does confirm that the person has either started working or is looking for employment.

Is a short birth certificate valid for the right to work?

A short birth certificate is not valid for the right to work but it is sometimes required if you need to prove your identity in order to get a work permit. A birth certificate is a legal document that proves the identity of a person. It contains information about the person’s name, date and place of birth, parents, and other related information.

What document is generally accepted as a right to work document?

A right to work document confirms that a person may legally work in a certain country. It is also known as a Work Visa. This document is issued by the government of the host country and it allows someone from outside of their country to work in their country for a set period of time. Typically, the applicant must have an occupation that is on the list of occupations that are eligible for this visa. There are also some cases in which the applicant must also show they have a sponsor, and that they will be working for them based on the list of occupations eligible for this visa.

What documents are proof of right to work?

These documents show that you are allowed to work in the UK. These include, a passport, a permanent resident card, national identity card and various immigration status documents. You can also provide a birth or adoption certificate as proof of your legal right to work here.

What is a right to work check?

A right to work check is an important process in the home office which ensures that each employee or casual worker has the right to work in the UK before they start their job.

What is a UK right to work document?

This is a document issued by the Home Office to a family member of an EEA or Swiss citizen. It shows that the holder is permitted to stay in the United Kingdom for a time-limited period and do certain types of work.

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