Whistleblowing software from Veremark

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Servers certification SOC 1-3

E2E Encrypted and GDPR Compliant

ISO27001 certified

ISO Certified & ISAE audited

Penetration tests

Secure, confidential whistleblowing platform to manage cases compliantly, and enable employees to report issues safely and anonymously

Provides complete anonymity

Increase engagement in your organisation with software that ensures anonymity and confidentiality when reporting sensitive information

Easier case management

Our simple, straightforward, intuitive design makes reporting easier for the whistleblower and resolution more manageable for the handling team

Vault-like data security

We ensure reports remain trusted with end-to-end encryption - meaning your sensitive information is managed, stored and resolved securely

Meets regulatory requirements

As a company that spans the globe, we’re ISO 27001 and SOC 1&2 certified, and comply with all local laws and industry regulations, so it’s easy to meet your regulatory requirements wherever your operations are.

Boosts company culture

Our whistleblowing software helps foster a culture of openness that encourages employees to speak up.

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Which industries use Veremark whistleblowing software?

The finance industry use us for:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Preventing fraud and corruption
  • Enhancing risk management

The healthcare sector use us for:

  • Ensuring patient safety
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Facilitating investigations

Tech companies use us for:

  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Supporting compliance with industry standards
  • Protecting company reputation

Professional service businesses use us for:

  • Promoting a culture of accountability
  • Protecting client confidentiality
  • Enhancing risk management

The education sector use us for:

  • Addressing misconduct and abuse
  • Ensuring ethical standards
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion

The retail industry use us for:

  • Fraud protection and detection
  • Workplace safety
  • Employee engagement and trust


Is it a legal requirement have a Whistleblowing policy?

In most jurisdictions around the world, companies are required by law to have a policy that protects the anonymity of whistleblowers and facilitates the safe raising of incidents and complaints.

How can Whistleblowing software help a business stay compliant?

Whistleblowing software such as Veremark’s provide a safe and simple solution for businesses to operate their Whistleblowing policy in a compliant manner. In line the with EU Whistleblowing Directive and other similar regulations around the world.

What is the relation between Whistleblowing and ESG?

Developing a robust Whistleblowing policy is a core component of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values. A transparent and integrated approach to Whistleblowing is an integral component of an empowered and happy workforce.

What types of complaints are typically raised through Whistleblowing software?

Bullying and harassment, breaches of internal policies, workplace health and safety concerns, anti-competitive behaviour and breaches related to ESG issues are typically some of the key topics raised through Whistleblowing software.

How secure is Veremark’s Whistleblowing platform?

Veremark’s Whistleblowing platform is fully end-to-end encrypted with the highest level of data security in the industry. It is also fully GDPR compliant in addition to ISO27001 and SOC2 certified.

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