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Verifying your candidate’s employment history with an Employment History Check

Define, understand and manage hiring risks by knowing your candidate and confirming their employment history.

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Our Employment History Checks report on the following information

  • Type of employment held
  • Duration of employment held
  • Role held
  • Employer name
  • Reason for leaving
  • Previous line managers
  • Bonuses and other financial rewards relevant

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Our automated solution means you can complete checks within 24hrs
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Our digital solution consistently receives 5 star feedback from users
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Fast Turnaround Times

A range of over 20 checks and 32,000 databases to search against on a global scale

Steps involved in the Employment history check process:


Set up your account and select Employment check

The employment background check can be ordered individually or as part of a check package.


Enter the candidate details

Or bulk upload multiple candidate details for background checking at scale.


Candidate receives email and gives consent

Consent is taken via e-signature.


Candidate will be prompted to provide necessary documentation

Through an elegant and easy to use digital experience.


System analysis and matches documentation provided and returns results

The employment check report is delivered as part of the verified candidate profile.


What are employment history checks?

Employment history checks are not the same thing as reference checks. They involve verifying the entire employment history of a candidate to create a detailed account of employment.

What happens during an employment history check?

Past employers will be contacted to confirm key information such as dates, role title and salary.

What should happen if the employment history check shows any gaps in employment?

Any gaps in employment should be subject to gap analysis to determine the reason for the gap, and whether or not it is a cause for concern.

What must happen before an employment history check is started?

Candidates must provide their permission for employment history checks to be carried out.

Why are employment history checks important?

Employment history checks and reference checks are often bundled together to provide a complete picture of a candidate’s employment history. Results of employment history checks can help verify other information uncovered throughout the background screening process.

Can employers check work history?

Employers have the right to ask for work history, salary history, education history, and any other relevant information that is related to the position they are hiring for. They also have the right to conduct criminal background checks and drug tests. However, employers cannot discriminate against applicants or employees based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin or disability status in any aspect of employment.

How do employers check employment history?

Employers use a lot of tools and methods to check employment history. They can do it through online databases, social media, and word-of-mouth referral. In social media, the most popular method of checking employment history is through online databases such as LinkedIn. Employers also look at social media platforms like Facebook to see what kind of information they have on an applicant’s profile or posts. However, in order to save a lot of time, most employers are hiring background check companies who are experts on this type of check.

How do big companies verify your past employment history?

Companies are increasingly using automated background screening software to verify employees past employment history. This is because there has been an increase in the number of applicants applying for jobs online. This is why big companies are using intelligent software to check past employment records. These tools can scan a large amount of data.

What information can be released for employment history verification?

The following are the typical type of information that can be released:

  • Type of employment held
  • Length of employment held
  • Type of role held
  • Name of previous employer
  • Reason for leaving
  • Names of previous line managers
  • Incentives, bonuses and other relevant financial rewards
Why does a background check look at employment history?

Background checks typically look at employment history because it is one of the best indicators of a person's past behavior. Employers also use background checks to make sure that employees have been honest with their previous employers about their past work experience. This helps employers avoid hiring someone who has been fired or laid off from a previous employer for misconduct.

Do all companies check a new hire’s employment history?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the industry. Some industries are more likely to check a new hire’s employment history than others. For example IT, healthcare and fintech/financial industries , it is very common for employers to perform an employment history on a new hire. The main reason for this is because these industries require a lot of specific knowledge that can only be acquired through training or experience. These companies want to make sure that their employees have the necessary skill set before they start working there.

What is the best way to check your employee's history of employment?

There are many ways to find out employee employment history, the best way to do this is by contacting their previous manager or employer or using the appropriate database.

How exactly is employment history validated on a background check?

These background checks can be done by contacting previous employers and asking them about an individual’s work history, education, and skills. However, there are some instances that this might not be enough to ensure that an individual is qualified for the job position. This is where expertise of background checking companies comes into play.

How do big companies verify your past employment history?

Due to the increasing number of applicants applying for jobs online, companies are increasingly using automated background screening software to verify employees' past employment history. They use these tools because they can scan a large amount of data.

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