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For some organizations, a civil litigation check can be a legal requirement to carry out, either pre-hire or during the onboarding process. They reveal any court proceedings of disputes between companies or individuals. Civil checks may also help determine a candidate’s financial situation.

Veremark carries out these checks by ensuring a candidate’s civil history is checked through civil court databases, and a DBS (disclosure & barring service).

Integrations into your existing HR workflows mean this type of record can be combined with other confidential data to assess a candidate’s eligibility to work within the organization.


Why are civil litigation checks important?

Protect your business by making civil litigation checks part of your employee screening practice.

Which candidate roles are most important for civil litigation checks?

Always carry out civil litigation checks on managers and executives.

What do civil litigation checks reveal about a potential candidate?

Reveal any court proceedings of disputes between companies or individuals. Civil checks might help determine financial situation.

What are civil litigation checks?

Civil Litigation Checks are searches of civil court actions.

How must civil litigation checks be carried out for different countries?

Civil litigation checks are carried out on a single country basis. Make sure checks have been conducted for all countries of past residence.

How does a civil litigation check help understand a candidate?

Can provide insights into a candidates character.

For which industry sectors are civil litigation checks most important?

Civil litigation checks are recommended for the financial and legal sector.

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