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Why use Veremark for Global sanctions checks?

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Many businesses find screening foreign and overseas candidates difficult. What is the procedure to check the legitimacy of someone who is a non-national?

With our global sanctions software, we’re able to analyze global watchlists for any mention of the candidate in question. This type of check service is a simple process of investigating any inclusions on lists that could influence how an individual conducts themselves in a business.

Integrations into your existing HR workflows mean this type of record can be combined with other confidential data to assess a candidate’s eligibility to work within the organization.


How does a global sanctions check help the verification of candidates’ backgrounds?

The Global Sanctions Check also provides additional verification of UK and global address and contact data, which offers another layer of defence against fraudulent candidates, and helps employers meet their due diligence requirements.

How may running a global sanctions check be helpful for candidates?

Information collected from a Global Sanctions Check can be added to Veremark Career Passports, providing a secure and verifiable record of staff members which can be carried throughout their employment, reducing unnecessary rechecks and highlighting out of date information.

What are global sanctions checks?

Global sanctions checks are searches of international government databases and are designed to identify people who are prohibited from working in certain roles or sectors.

What information is required to run a global sanctions check?

Global Sanctions Checks require a candidate’s full name, date of birth and current address, making sure that these details are provided in full will help ensure that the checks are processed efficiently and as quickly as possible, usually within 7 days.

What information is used to run global sanctions checks?

There are currently over 1800 international enforcement databases and global watchlists in over 190 countries which are updated every 24 hours, and this number is constantly evolving and changing. The Veremark Global Sanctions check searches the most up to date and comprehensive data from all sources conveniently and efficiently.

When are global sanctions checks important for a business?

Global Sanctions Checks are often required for compliance, but also provide an extra level of protection and reassurance in all roles, to defend your business from untrustworthy staff.

Why are global sanctions checks important for industries and sectors?

With all industries and sectors at risk of being exploited for money laundering or terrorist financing, Global Sanctions checks are crucial to comply with AML regulations, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Patriot Act and many other international legislations in the UK, Europe, US and worldwide. Global Sanctions Checks are also necessary to identify PEPs (Politically Exposed Person) or direct family members or associates of PEPs.

Why is it important for the employer to carry out qualifications background checks?

Provides peace of mind that candidates are skilled and knowledgeable. It also validates other information provided by candidates throughout the hiring process.

Why is running global sanctions checks important?

Carrying out Global Sanctions Checks on all staff members also helps to grow an up to date and compliant staff database, and, because all Veremark checks are digital, insights can be used for analytics, marketing and logistic purposes to help drive future recruitment and operational decisions.

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