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The unique global work environment requires a unique approach to employment verification which is accurate, efficient and safe. Welcome to Veremark.

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Benefit from user management features, customizations, secure ERP & ATS integrations and global 24/7 customer support.

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Veremark eliminates manual and administrative work from your TA team allowing them to focus on sourcing great talent.

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Verify candidates in less time and at a lower cost than through traditional background check providers.

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"We found your platform very useful for our needs.  It is both fast and effective"

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"I love the product, it is easy to use and does exactly as needed.  I have now started to share our reference reports"

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“I love the system, after this level of customer care there’s no question I would like to use your company"

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Should You Background Check Existing Employees?

Here are several scenarios where background checks are appropriate and in some cases, legally mandated.

The growing use of messaging platforms in recruitment and onboarding

The use of SMS in marketing is commonplace, and the recruitment sector is beginning to catch on with many HR departments recognising the value of the humble text message. But while SMS messaging is highly effective, other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are also gaining traction, particularly with the recent increase in remote working.

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