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Automated reference checks and pre-employment screening for growing companies

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How does Veremark Work?


Employer signs up and sends a request in minutes

Choose the checks they require, customise a request and the enter candidate details


Candidate receives the request and responds

They submit inline with GDPR / PDPA rules. Notifications and nudges keep them up to date and informed


Veremark connects with data sources and feedback providers

We connect globally with a candidate’s nominees and third party api’s to collect trustworthy data

Verification Services

Document scanning and facial biometrics are delivered via the Veremark app

Referees and Verifiers

Are notifed via SMS and email asked to give feedback on the candidate

Government Records

Background checks are conducted via searchable government agencies

Data Sources

3rd party data sources such as Experian are used to collect additional data


Insight is collated and presented back to the employer

As a detailed candidate profile and set of shareable professional reports


Blockchain verified Career Passport keeps credentials secure

A fully auditable digital trail for compliance and increasing the efficiency of future checks

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Why Use Veremark

Comprehensive background checks on new hires are essential to protect your business. Veremark now offers a low cost and efficient way to include these checks in your hiring process

With instant set-up and turnaround times on average 3 times faster than traditional methods you can expect verified candidate profiles in days rather than the weeks typically associated with these kinds of checks.
Our compehensive set of checks and tests allow you to get a truly rounded perspective on a candidate’s suitability for the role, dramatically reducing the risk of a bad hire. Our data privacy focus ensures you stay 100% GDPR compliant.
We are the only background checking service that issues a Career Passport to your candidates, giving them control over their own data and allowing you to re-use previous checks, significantly reducing hiring costs in the long term.

Fast & Trusted Background Checks

More insight
Faster Response
Better ROI
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"We found your platform very useful for our needs.  It is both fast and effective"

Talent Acquisition Specialist - Cargill

"I love the product, it is easy to use and does exactly as needed.  I have now started to share our reference reports"

Head of Talent Acquisition - Carousell