Instant employment Report

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Why use Veremark for Instant employment reports?

With decades of collective experience, and working with some of the world’s best workplaces, Veremark understands the challenges, pain points, and must-haves when it comes to hiring quickly and efficiently.

We developed the Instant Employment Report (also known as a ‘Moonlighting Check'), primarily because we know that when it comes to getting the right people through the door, working fast while maintaining accuracy is paramount.

With your candidate’s tax, insurance, or payroll provider, we can provide a super-quick, verified employment profile that gives you the confidence that the person you’ve shortlisted could be the right hire for your organisation.


Why do I need an Instant Employment Report?

For many organisations, hiring can be a time consuming, admin-heavy process. Veremark’s Instant Employment Report can streamline various processes related to turning an individual from a candidate to an employee, saving time and effort.

What red flags can the Instant Employment Report reveal?

The Instant Employment Report can not only verify that the information given from the candidate is correct, but it can also mitigate the risk of reference fraud, providing peace of mind in the hiring process.

Why is the Instant Employment Report sometimes called a Moonlighting Check?

While not illegal in most countries, holding down multiple roles simultaneously - aka moonlighting - can pose several risks to an organisation in terms of ethics, performance and legal compliance. If moonlighting is revealed in the report, it’s at the hirer’s discretion to decide the steps forward.

Can a candidate dispute information on an Instant Employment Report?

If the candidate believes there is inaccurate information on your Instant Employment Report, they can usually dispute it with the service provider. They will investigate the matter and make any necessary corrections.

Is consent required to generate an Instant Employment Report?

Yes, Veremark requires the consent of the candidate before an Instant Employment Report can be generated. This is to ensure compliance with privacy regulations and to protect personal information. They will also be required to input confidential information such as their tax, insurance or payroll provider.

How secure is the information when requesting an Instant Employment Report?

Veremark is focused on data security and ensures vault-like security and privacy throughout the screening process and after. With ISO and SOC2 certification, we make sure all our processes are fully GDPR and PDPA-compliant.

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