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Having the right qualifications can be crucial to performing a role. On a CV, it shows to a future employer that you have built knowledge and skills in a specialist area. However, without due diligence, qualifications can easily be at best exaggerated or at worst, completely fabricated.

Ensuring your employees possess the correct qualifications is important not only to perform the role itself but also for compliance.


Are qualification background checks important for all industry sectors?

Yes. Qualification checks are crucial for all roles in all sectors and industries.

How do employers verify education or check academic qualifications?

The process of verifying an applicant's educational qualification starts with collecting information about the degree and institution that the candidate claims that they have attended. The documented education institution is then contacted to verify the authenticity of the candidate claims. 

This information helps in determining whether or not a person is qualified for the position at hand. This process can be time-consuming if done manually, however it can help employers save time by avoiding hiring candidates who are not qualified based on their education.

Does a background check include education?

A background check typically includes education information, which is crucial in the process of determining if a potential candidate is a good fit for a job.

It can also include education, work history, credit score, criminal history and many more.

How long does education verification take?

It depends on the number of documents that are required for this process. It can take anywhere from a few days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the verification process. However, if you are in a hurry or need to verify your candidates academic credentials quickly, you can use an automated education verification process and service.

What are qualifications background checks?

Qualification checks ensure that candidates have the necessary qualifications for a role.

What does an Education Background Check Show?

An education background check will show if the person has any degrees, their current qualifications as well as what courses they have taken and which institutions they attended.

What else does the qualifications background check verify?

Also confirms memberships to professional bodies.

What is an education background check?

An education background check is a type of screening that is typically used to verify the educational history of an individual such as the validity of a university degree. It is a common practice among employers to ensure that their applicants do not have any falsified or fabricated records concerning their education.

What is an international education background check?

An international education background check is a type of background check that is conducted to verify the educational background of an individual who has applied for a job in a particular country.

An international education background check provides the following information:

- The person's previous educational institution and degrees obtained, including their dates and whether they are accredited or not.

- The person's country of origin.

- The person's date of birth.

What is included in an education background check?

Some of the things that may be included in an education background check are your high school diploma or GED, transcripts, and test scores.

It is also important to note that these checks can vary depending on the type of job you apply for as well as your employer's requirements.

Why must a business run qualification background checks?

Diploma mills provide candidates with fake but highly authentic seeming qualifications. Changes to the way we work and study make spotting counterfeit documents much harder.

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