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Professional Qualification Check

Verify the validity of a candidate’s highest level of professional qualification.

Verify if a professional qualification or membership is actually held, hasn’t lapsed, and in good standing.

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Our Professional Qualification Checks report on the following information

  • Confirmation of the obtained professional qualification

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Our automated solution means you can complete checks within 24hrs
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Our digital solution consistently receives 5 star feedback from users
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Fast Turnaround Times

A range of over 20 checks and 32,000 databases to search against on a global scale

Steps involved in the Professional Qualification check process:


Set up your account and select Professional Qualification check

The professional qualification check can be ordered individually or as part of a check package.


Enter the candidate details

Or bulk upload multiple candidate details for background checking at scale.


Candidate receives email and gives consent

The candidate can quickly respond from any device.


Candidate will be prompted to provide necessary information

Through an elegant and easy to use digital experience.


System analysis and matches information provided and returns results

The professional qualification check result is delivered as part of the verified candidate profile.


What is professional qualification verification?

A professional qualification confirmation gives you the assurance that the person you're considering hiring has the skills and experience needed to do their job.

What are some examples of professional qualifications?

A professional qualification - such as an MBA, LLM or Masters Degree - is usually obtained at the postgraduate level. Qualifications may comprise elements of teaching, law, business, and many more.

Why professional qualification is important?

Employers often prefer highly qualified candidates for employment. It's true - employers do want qualified people to work for them. So students have the advantage of having their qualifications during the interview process, as it will help them stand out.

Do employers check qualifications?

When applying for a job, some employers may ask to see proof of your qualifications, training or any necessary licenses. They should tell you what kind of documentation they will need and keep copies of these documents on file.

What is considered a professional qualification?

The definition of what is considered a professional qualification can change from one industry to another. Some professions such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants require a professional qualification. Professional qualifications provide a baseline for demonstrating expertise in a particular subject, job or industry. They are awarded by professional bodies to those who meet certain criteria.

Why do employers check professional qualifications?

In order to secure a professional, skilled job, you often need to have a degree in the field you are applying for. This is because employers want to know that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to do the job. Employers usually check professional qualifications when they are hiring someone.

What is the meaning of professional qualification for example?

Professional qualification is a recognised certificate that shows that you are qualified for the profession. It is usually issued by an accredited educational institution or professional body. It is also about the process of acquiring a set of skills, knowledge, and competencies that are generally recognized as being necessary to perform well in a profession.

What includes professional qualification?

Professional qualification includes a certificate, diploma, or degree that is awarded to someone who has completed a course of study in a particular field. There are many different types of professional qualifications. For example, a postgraduate degree in law would be considered professional qualification.

Is a degree a professional qualification?

Generally speaking, study degrees like BA or BSc are called academic qualifications. Degrees for professions, such as MD or MBA, are referred to as professional qualifications because they point to the person's profession for his/her whole life.

What is the difference between an academic and professional qualification?

There are many differences between an academic and professional qualification. The academic qualification is more theoretical and the professional qualification is more practical / vocational. Both qualifications have their own benefits and disadvantages.The academic qualification is valuable for people who want to pursue a career in academia or research, while the professional qualification would be better suited for someone who wants to work in a practical, vocational role in business or industry.

The academic qualification will help you understand how things work, but the practical skills learned from the professional degree will help you get a job. The academic degree requires you to study a lot of theory. On the other hand, the practical skills learned on a professional qualification course could be used more rapidly in your chosen future career.

What does academic qualification mean?

Academic qualifications are the formal qualifications that a person is awarded for completing a course of study in an academic institution. They are usually granted by a university, college or other educational institution.

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