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Having the right experience can be crucial to performing a role. Past financial problems can influence the hiring decisions within a company. Depending on the responsibilities of the role, many businesses will be adverse to hiring a candidate who may negatively impact their company's finances in the future.

This is not only down to their being a risk factor but also bankruptcy restrictions and regulated sectors both of which have rules in place regarding the responsibilities of an individual who has previously been made insolvent or bankrupt.


Can bankruptcy information be used in employment decisions?

The answer is yes. The bankruptcy data can be used in employment decisions such as hiring, promotion, retention, and termination of employees in certain circumstances.

Can employers deny employment due to bankruptcy?

Some companies have been reluctant to hire people that had filed for bankruptcy. In general, if an employer feels that someone is not qualified for a job position due to their bankruptcy, then they may be able to deny them employment based on this reason. This may be particularly important when hiring for roles that include accountability for budgets and finances.

Can employers easily determine if a candidate has filed for bankruptcy?

The first step in identifying whether someone has filed for bankruptcy is to look at their credit report. If there are multiple filings listed, then that person has filed for bankruptcy more than once. If there are none listed, then it can be a sign that this candidate has never filed for bankruptcy before and therefore does not have any debts against them. It can be difficult to tell if a candidate has filed for bankruptcy because some candidates list their personal information under different names or aliases on their credit reports.

For which roles are bankruptcy checks important?

Bankruptcy checks are important for all candidates / new employee hires. They are particularly important for senior candidates, and those roles dealing with finance, budgets, investments and other money-related priorities and activities.

For which sectors are bankruptcy checks important?

Bankruptcy checks are important for all industries, however most important for businesses in highly regulated sectors that require significant levels of financial and operational compliance.

What is a credit check and is it the same with bankruptcy?

The answer is no. A bankruptcy check does not equal a credit check. It is just one of the many ways that people can find out about your financial status without having to go through the process of applying for one of these checks. A credit check is a type of background check that a company requests from a potential candidate to determine their creditworthiness. The use of the term "credit check" usually refers to a candidate's credit history. Credit checks can be used to assess a certain aspect of risk in employment.

What is Bankruptcy Checking?

Bankruptcy checking verifies whether a candidate has suffered bankruptcy.

What is included in a bankruptcy check?

The bankruptcy checks verify whether a candidate has previously been under insolvency administration.

Why are bankruptcy checks important?

Bankruptcy checks help a business to understand how a candidate manages their own finances.

Why do employers ask about bankruptcy when doing a background check for employment?

Some employers ask about bankruptcy because it indicates that a person is financially stable and responsible. Bankruptcy also shows that a person has the ability to repay debts, which is an indicator of a good credit score.

The questions about bankruptcy are asked primarily to determine whether the applicant has suitably managed their financial affairs. The questions can also be used to determine if someone has been sued for bankruptcy or if they have filed for bankruptcy in the past.

Will a bankruptcy show up in a pre-employment background check?

A pre-employment background check can help to determine whether someone has a history of financial problems. Sometimes, candidates have a history of financial problems but are able to hide it from their potential employers. 

However, by hiring a third party company to do a bankruptcy background check, you will be able to find out a candidate's financial history that includes any cases of bankruptcy.

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