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Why use Veremark for Financial regulation checks?

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Our financial regulation check service is a simple process of investigating any past or present job roles in financially-regulated organizations that could influence how an individual conducts themselves in a business.

Integrations into your existing HR workflows mean this type of record can be combined with other confidential data to assess a candidate’s eligibility to work within the organization.


For which candidate roles are financial regulatory checks important?

Financial regulatory checks are important for all candidates in highly financially regulated sectors, and in businesses providing services to those sectors.

For which sectors is Financial Regulatory Checks important?

Financial Regulatory Checks are very important for highly financially regulated sectors. In particular Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Insurance, Investment banking & funds, Payment Services. In addition, all service-providers that provide contract and temporary personnel to the sector, such as Professional Services, Management Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing, HR / Recruitment / Staffing.

What are Financial Regulations Checks?

Financial Regulations checks verifies whether a candidate has had responsibility for finically regulated activities, and has subsequently received sanctions from the financial regulatory body in a country or countries.

What is included in Financial Regulations Checks?

A Financial Regulatory Search would search if an individual has had the past permission & responsibilities with financially regulated activities. The checks would reveal if an individual has experienced disciplinary actions that have been charged by the Financial Regulatory Body.

Which countries financial regulations background checks available?

For the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA).

For Singapore, The MAS Register of Representatives.

For Australia, The Australia Securities& Investments Commission (ASIC)

For the USA, The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

Financial regulations background checks are also available in other countries, including Malaysia, Canada & New Zealand.

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