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Veremark Velocity for Rapid Hiring across all sectors and markets

Increased speed required for Hiring for every business, as the drive for specialised technical and commercial talent increases

Competitive solutions required across sectors, to succeed in dynamic, crowded market

  • Financial service and FinTech industry - for urgent and sustained scaleup growth;
  • Professional Services - for securing and fulfilling new and existing client contracts;
  • HR Staffing & Recruiting - for expanding the valued and relevant service offering for clients 
  • IT Tech & Software - for identifying, hiring, onboarding, ramping very specialized skilled workers swiftly 
  • BPOs - for continually recruiting staff to deliver against the OKRs & KPI targets in client Statement of Work

Automated Technology for greater business velocity due to enhanced productivity and performance.

High growth businesses like these trust Veremark background checks

“With the demand for hiring during 2022, and the rapid increase in recruitment, Lexer requires efficiency, to move fast, lots of planning, and HRTech and services partners who can scale with our needs.”
Kate Clarkin
VP Talent, Lexer
“The Veremark system is very user friendly, very efficient, and mobile enabled, which really helps candidates, who have provided lots of very positive feedback. The Veremark system also saves us 80% of time, so that we can onboard new candidates more quickly and seamlessly.”
Craig Brewer
VP Talent, Worley

Automated Screening. Safer Hiring. Trusted Service.