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We know that you are working hard to comply with an everchanging regulatory landscape and working to ensure that your operations are always safe and compliant.

For you to be successful, it is of huge importance to safeguard against insider fraud, criminal activity, and reputational damage; all whilst recruiting, screening, and keeping the best talent.

Veremark seamlessly enables you to verify the credentials and integrity of existing or prospective employees whilst delivering the best candidate experience possible.

The benefits of Veremark background checks

Fast turnaround times


A clean and simple digital experience with automated follow-ups provides a straightforward background screening solution to help employers define, understand and manage hiring risks.
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Fully customisable and reliable background screening that can be tailored to any industry and role.  Manage your employment background checks with ease using our configurable platform. 
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No long contracts

Nothing about the Veremark platform is traditional, so why should our pricing be?  Instead, we offer background checks for employment on a pay-as-you-go basis. So you can request one check, or thousands. Either way, you're not locked in.​
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Dedicated Care

It's in how we design our product. And how we deliver our service​... Customer experience sits at the core of everything we do. Our global support team is at your beck and call to keep your company safe using our employee checking service. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.
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Wide variety of checks

Choose from a comprehensive selection of online background checks for employment which can be used by all industries and sectors. This includes automated reference checks, identity checks, bankruptcy checks, civil background checks, credit checks for employment and so many more.
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Automated Platform

Our digital employee screening service provides real-time updates and notifications on the status of your checks, so you can stay informed and accelerate  your time to hire. 

High growth businesses like these trust Veremark background checks

What makes Veremark different from other background screening companies?

Veremark Integrates Directly into Your Hiring Workflow

● Our open API connects with your ATS or CRM  for smooth communication between platforms 

● Order low-cost background checks and manage your check requests from within your existing system

● Check results are returned to your existing ATS or CRM and can be compiled with previous candidate history

● Our platform is completely free, there is no cost or set up fee to get connected. Veremark also offer an employment background check free trial.

Insightful Reports Which are Shareable Via Link or Pdf

● Tired of complex and detailed employment check reports? Get our collated and straightforward reports instead.

● Get background screening reports that give you the info you need at a glance - in a shareable link or pdf format.

● Our reports can be used during the recruitment process and revised throughout employment to ensure that checks are always up to date and relevant to an employee’s role. 

● Protected by blockchain, Veremark’s Career Passport can also be transferred between employers by candidates throughout their career, offering secure and accurate information for new and existing employers.

Veremark dashboard showing reports
Veremark dashboard showing real time updates

Receive Real Time Updates Through the Veremark Dashboard

● The dashboard notifies you immediately as check results are delivered

● Act on orange alerts when they happen

● No more waiting for check feedback

● Click through to trackable results and case files

● The dashboard supports single or multi-user accounts for efficient and secure data sharing

We recommend these priority checks

Identity Checks

Attributed and Biographical Identity information checks to verify name, age, place of birth, previous residences history.

Civil Litigation Checks

Provides information about anycivil action brought against or by the candidate themselves.

Academic Achievements Checks

Verifies any education or academic study, as well as professional membership, that a candidate claims to have completed during the application or interview process.

Credit Checks

Investigates a candidate’s credit history to gain insights into their approach to, and management of, consumer debt.

Reference Checks

Involves verifying key employ mentor educational information by contacting past employers and schools directly and asking them key questions about candidates in-role performance and/or achievements.

Global Sanctions Checks

Searches of international government databases and are designed to identify people who are prohibited from working in certain roles or sectors to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing or other risks.

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal law relates to offences such as: Criminal Damage; Fraud; Money Laundering; Assault; Murder; Drug dealing.

Professional Membership Checks

Verification of a Candidates’ work history, job responsibilities and performance directly with past employers.

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“I love the system, after this level of customer care there’s no question I would like to use your company"

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Automated Screening. Effective Hiring. Trusted Service.

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