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Stay compliant with secure background checking in HR, Recruitment & Staffing Services

Ensuring you meet compliance regulations, while employing the best talent is difficult in this competitive hiring market. Trusting Veremark with your candidate screening means that you can focus on finding the right candidates for those hard to fill roles.

We know how important it is to guard against employee fraud, criminal activity or inadvertently hiring the wrong people, especially in the HR, Recruitment & Staffing industry.

Our industry leading software makes background checking easy, simple, and secure.

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Simplify your HR screening process with Veremark

Fast and Accurate Background Checking

In today’s fast-paced, candidate led market, employers must use effective recruitment processes to attract and retain the best candidates.  

Veremark helps you conduct world-class background screening to stay safe as you make great hiring decisions.

Screening a permanent hire, a fixed-term contractor, or temporary agency staff is easy with Veremark

Our simple and straightforward checking process reduces time to hire. With our Pay As You Go pricing, you can make one-off checks or thousands of checks easily.  

Veremark’s interface can be customised to tailor to any industry or role. Automated follow-ups help you keep your screening on track while you define, understand, and manage hiring risks.

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Your candidates will love Veremark

Our exclusive app provides your candidates with a convenient and uncomplicated user experience, for less drop offs during the hiring process.

The mobile app allows your applicants to upload documents, answer your queries and monitor their check progress from wherever they are.

Our online chat system is also available anytime they need support.

Unlock the power of your ATS system

Veremark integrates seamlessly with industry leading ATS, CRM, and HRIS applications, for safe and secure candidate data management and consolidation.  

Our API technology connects your HR system seamlessly, whether it's inhouse or outsourced, providing an elegant screening experience for candidates and HR departments.

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Automated Screening. Safer Hiring. Trusted Service.

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