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We recommend these priority checks

Identity Checks

Attributed and Biographical Identity information checks to verify name, age, place of birth, previous residences history.

Civil Litigation Checks

Provides information about anycivil action brought against or by the candidate themselves.

Academic Achievements Checks

Verifies any education or academic study, as well as professional membership, that a candidate claims to have completed during the application or interview process.

Credit Checks

Investigates a candidate’s credit history to gain insights into their approach to, and management of, consumer debt.

Reference Checks

Involves verifying key employ mentor educational information by contacting past employers and schools directly and asking them key questions about candidates in-role performance and/or achievements.

Global Sanctions Checks

Searches of international government databases and are designed to identify people who are prohibited from working in certain roles or sectors to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing or other risks.

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal law relates to offences such as: Criminal Damage; Fraud; Money Laundering; Assault; Murder; Drug dealing.

Professional Membership Checks

Verification of a Candidates’ work history, job responsibilities and performance directly with past employers.

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