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No one enjoys traditional background screening. Verifying candidate data is crucial to making the right hiring decisions and protecting yourself as an employer, but it’s often a slow process for employers and inconvenient for candidates.

We have made it our mission to revolutionise the screening industry, with fast and efficient checks on ourground-breaking Veremark platform. With an elegant interface, superior candidate experience and a reduced time to hire, we don’t even lock you into a contract. You can pay as you check, whether that’s for one check or thousands.

Scalable and seamlessly integrating, Veremark is changing the global screening processes in companies all over the world.

The benefits of Veremark background checks

Fast turnaround times


Easy to navigate and straightforward digital experience. Automated follow-ups help you keep your screening on track while you define, understand, and manage hiring risks.
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A customisable and reliable solution that can be tailored to any industry or role. A simple platform for secure and efficient employment background checking.
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No long contracts

Minimum contracts are outdated. That’s why with Veremark you can access our screening on a pay as you go basis. Only pay for the screening you need, whether that’s one check or thousands.
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Dedicated Care

We aim for complete customer satisfaction at every stage. And our dedicated global customer service support team is always there for you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Wide variety of checks

We have a comprehensive selection of online background checks for you to choose from. For employment in all industries and sectors, whether for compliance or peace of mind.
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Automated Platform

Our software means that you can automate all your candidate screening, whether you are conducting one check or thousands. Keep an eye on where you are in the checking process and provide a convenient platform for your candidates.

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What makes Veremark Different?

Veremark Integrates.

● Seamlessly integrate Veremark with your ATS or CRM for smooth communication between platforms.

● Order, manage and review your checks from your existing system.

● Combine background checks with previous candidate history to create a complete picture.

● Veremark’s exclusive and powerful platform is completely free, with no hidden charges. You can even get a free check.

Veremark Reports.

● No more complex employment check reports. Veremark reports are straightforward and easy to understand.

● Share reports with your entire team, via pdf or link.

● Create a Career Passport for all candidates, which can be used throughout employment to highlight when checks need to be reviewed. 

● Protected by blockchain technology, the Career Passport can be transferred to new employers by employees, for a smooth transition.

Veremark dashboard showing reports
Veremark dashboard showing real time updates

Veremark Updates.

● Get real time updates through your Veremark dashboard.

● Act on alerts when they happen to meet hiring deadlines.

● Check feedback appears in your dashboard as soon as it’s available.

● Single or multi-user accounts are available to support the entire team and enable efficient and secure data sharing.

We recommend these priority checks

Identity Check

Attributed and Biographical Identity information checks. Verify name, age, place of birth and residence history.

Civil Litigation Check

Provides information about any civil action brought against or by the candidate.

Academic Achievements Check

Verifies education or academic study, professional membership, and professional development.

Credit Check

Check a candidate’s credit history and assess their approach to consumer debt.

Reference Check

Check the references of past employers or educational mentors regarding in-role performance and/or achievements.

Global Sanctions Check

Searches international government databases to identify people who are restricted from working in certain roles or sectors.

Criminal Background Check

Provides information about a candidate's criminal history.

Employment History Check

Verification of a candidate's work history, responsibilities, and performance in previous roles.

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"I love the product, it is easy to use and does exactly as needed.  I have now started to share our reference reports"
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“I love the system, after this level of customer care there’s no question I would like to use your company"

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Automated Screening. Safer Hiring. Trusted Service.

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