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Popular FAQs

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What are employment history checks?

Employment history checks are not the same thing as reference checks. They involve verifying the entire employment history of a candidate to create a detailed account of employment.

What happens during an employment history check?

Past employers will be contacted to confirm key information such as dates, role title and salary.

What is criminal records checking?

Criminal records background checking covers a screening of candidates for any unspent criminal convictions and cautions.

What happens during a reference check?

The pre-background checking process has changed massively in recent years, with a wealth of new checks contributing to further insights into candidates, reference checking was one of the earliest background checks, and almost all new employers look to past managers for insights into how candidates perform at work, and for confirmation of skills and professional achievements.

What happens during an identity check?

Pre-employment identity checks are comprised of two elements, the first confirms the attributed identity of the candidate, including their name, age and place of birth, and the second verifies the biographical identity, such as address history and country of residence.

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