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Regulatory Compliance Background Checking

Protecting your business while complying with ever-changing regulations is hard. And in an industry like finance, safe hiring is even more crucial. Strong background checking processes protect employers and consumers from bad hiring decisions.

Veremark is leading the world in global background checking. We help you stay compliant while guarding against people who mean harm to your business.

Preventing fraudulent hires with Veremark

Research shows that up to 78% of job seekers lie during the hiring process.  

Candidates might not be who they say they are, or not have the qualifications or experience that they claim to have. This can be dangerous. But background screening helps mitigate risk and prevent welcoming the wrong people into your business.

And in a world where remote is the new face-to-face, conducting background screening is even more crucial to ensure you really know who you’re hiring.

Here are some of the top candidate lies: 
• False educational claims 
• Embellished experience and achievements 
• Does not have Right to Work

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A World-class Candidate Screening App for FinTech/Financial Services

We designed our app with two things in mind, employment security and candidate experience. You won’t lose a valuable candidate mid-way through screening because they have struggled to upload a document.  

Our mobile app is easy to navigate. Candidates can manage their background screening journey from their smartphone wherever they are.  

And our chatbot and customer support team are available 24/7 to help our clients and candidates with any problems.

Automate your background checks with Veremark.

Veremark’s fully customisable platform allows creation of different criteria depending on the job positions and associated risk level. Integrate and automate background screening seamlessly with industry leading ATS, CRM, and HRIS applications, for safe and secure candidate data management.

Ready to transform the way you hire?

Veremark specialises in employee screening for FinTech, Financial Services and regulated sector businesses. Request and manage your background checks with one simple solution.


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the importance of candidate experience

The Importance of Candidate Experience

Importance Veremark places on candidate experience, to help all businesses hire better, in a hyper competitive world of change and growth.

Today, getting the right talent is basic to meeting the development and goals of any organisation. A culture of innovation is vital for the business and their partners.

Veremark: Matching the Needs of Banking Tech Innovation

Veremark is matching the needs of Banking Tech innovation, with its own development and launch of the very best technology, using security, blockchain, cloud, API integration and data analysis. Machine learning / AI

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