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Fast and Effective Background Checking 

We know that the staffing industry has an ongoing challenge to provide fast and effective recruitment processes, filling the vacancies with reliable and qualified staff, all whilst focusing on building client retention and staying ahead of the competition. This, in turn, increases the importance of reducing costs and maximizing screening efficiency.

Whether you are screening a permanent hire, fixed term contractor or temporary agency staff, conducting background checks through Veremark will provide you with the following benefits:

  • A streamlined hiring process

  • Reduction of time to place candidates

  • Decreased risk of placing bad hires into your client companies

  • Ability to scale your hiring up or down as required due to our digital candidate onboarding platform, which is equally suited to run a one-off check or thousands at a time

  • We will get you the results fast whilst keeping your candidates happy

Veremark is the best for candidate experience

Your candidates expect a fully digital job application and recruitment process. Similarly, they also expect the same experience when it comes to background screening.

With our mobile first candidate application, your hires can provide the required information on the go. If they get stuck, our dedicated online chat system and our support team is always there to help.

Utilise the power of your ATS system

Veremark has integrations with world leading ATS, CRM and HRIS platforms that enable a seamless, secure and streamlined flow of check data.

With our modern API we can help you connect your outsourced or inhouse HR system, for a seamless background screening experience to both your candidates and users.

Add simplicity and confidence to your hiring process.

These leading HR, Recruitment and Staffing companies trust Veremark background checks

Ready to transform the way you hire?

We know that this is particularly important for HR, Recruitment and Staffing Businesses.
Our software allows you to easily request and manage your background checks.


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