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Rapid business change & need to hire specialist skilled talent

We know that you are driving your business to secure new contracts with clients to deliver their new digital transformation and operational change.

For you the priority, when you have secured a new contract, is to hire the very best cutting-edge technically skilled and process change-management talent.

We know that finding the best skilled contract talent is challenge, in such a competitive global market, and with the increased demands of clients.

We want to deliver the very best scalable  background checking solution to help you rapidly and cost-effectively onboard the best and talent. 

You need the best solution to verify employment, education, and training credentials, as well as checking criminal and financial backgrounds. When such contract candidates  represent your business on a client’s site, or remotely, you know that they will deliver against the contract based on their skills and that they are 100% trustworthy too.

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Veremark is the best for verifying Professional Services / Management Consulting Candidates, with the Career Passport

You need a partner who delivers a Career Passport for each and every candidate, which holds their verified credentials securely, and which may be updated with any later screened new experience and training to save you precious time and money. 

You need a partner who has built the very best screening platform that had global coverage (180 + countries), the very best Software-as-a-Service technology using blockchain, AI, API connectivity with your ATS platforms, and the very best cloud security.

We provide automation to move you away from slow, manual processes to make background checks faster whilst helping you to stay compliant.

Onboarding of candidates is easy. You can easily run a one-off check or run thousands. You can even create different screening criteria to suit the risk level of the position that you are recruiting for.

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Ready to transform the way you hire?

We know that this is particularly important for Professional Services / Management Consulting Businesses.
Our software allows you to easily request and manage your background checks.

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