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A scalable and growing business depends on trustworthy specialist talent

To secure new contracts, reassuring your clients on the ability to deliver secure services is of high importance. Background checks are essential in putting in place the right people for your clients.

Veremark helps you conduct world-class background screening to stay safe as you make great hiring decisions.

Fast onboarding of your skilled contract and permanent talent

Veremark is leading a revolution in background screening, from outdated and clunky systems to streamlined and secure solutions for the remote working era.

Verify the credentials of all staff, whether permanent or fixed contract, to give your clients the peace of mind of trustworthy talent.

Introducing the Career Passport

Veremark is proud to provide a Career Passport for all your candidates. The Career Passport is a secure document which holds your candidates’ verified credentials.

Automatically update the Career Passport as new checks are conducted, and candidates can bring their passport with them as they move between employers.

In an employee led market, the best skilled talent is difficult to attract and retain. That’s why our specialist screening is designed to make the candidate experience easy and enjoyable.

Secured with blockchain technology

Securely and seamlessly integrating with your current ATS platform, Veremark works with trusted blockchain technology to keep all data safe.

Onboard candidates quickly and easily, track their progress and securely store data in over 180 countries, Veremark is changing the way that management and professional services talent is hired.

It’s time for safer hiring

Professional services/management consulting businesses depend on trustworthy employees.
Easily request and manage your background checks with Veremark.


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