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Screening Services

Veremark offers a comprehensive set of screening services that cover most industry’s vetting and compliance needs. Please note not all checks are available in every country.


Ensure an individual has the relevant skills, experience and attitude to perform in the role

Academic Achievement

Direct verification of a candidate’s highest academic achievement directly with the institution.

Driving Record

Assess whether a driving licence is valid, has accrued any demerit points and/or traffic infringements.

Employment History

Verification of a Candidates’ work history, job responsibilities and performance directly with past employers

Reference Checks

A questionnaire sent to the candidate's former managers and colleagues, with AI supported analysis and reporting.

Professional Membership

Verification of a Candidates’ work history, job responsibilities and performance directly with past employers


Be confident your candidate is who they say they are with a legal right to work in your location

ID Verification

Document scanning and facial biometrics are used to verify the candidates national ID document and identity

Address Verification

A search of public records, cross-checked with information supplied by the candidate.


Ensure an individual has the appropriate background and character for a role

Adverse Media

A press search of over ten years of an individual’s name using global electronic media sources


This search identifies whether a candidate should be disqualified for certain roles due to legally being declared bankrupt

Civil Litigation

Reveals any processes undertaken to resolve disputes between the candidate and another party through a court system.

Credit Check

Reveals details of the candidate’s negative credit history that may provide insight into a candidate’s sense of financial integrity and financial responsibility.

Criminal Record

A search of a recognised police service records and/or court files and reveals disclosable court outcomes for offences excluding spent convictions.

Financial Regulatory

Discover if an applicant has been disqualified from involvement in the management of a corporation, or banned from practicing in the financial services industry.

Global Sanctions

Identifies individuals involved with money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing and reveals if the candidate is listed on a range of official sanction lists, politically exposed persons (PEPs), terrorists and wanted criminals.

Social Media

Reveals if the candidate has any user-generated negative content found in the public internet domain and can be conducted online via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube


Get a clearer understanding of how the candidate thinks in order to better assess their suitability for a role

Psychometric Tests

A thorough multi-stage test that will provide a clear insight into a candidate's personality traits.

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