Tackling Diploma Fraud in Singapore: MOM's New Verification Requirements

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How Singapore's Ministry of Manpower and Veremark are joining forces to ensure genuine qualifications and protect employers from deceptive candidates

Singapore has long been an attractive destination for foreign workers seeking opportunities in its thriving economy. However, with the influx of skilled talent, there has also been a concerning rise in diploma fraud. As a result, Singapore's Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has decided to implement new regulations to ensure the authenticity of applicants' qualifications and safeguard employers from potential risks. In this article, we will delve into the details of these new requirements, discuss the repercussions of diploma fraud, and explore how MOM has partnered with Veremark, an accredited background screening company, to provide the necessary verification services.

The rising threat of diploma fraud

In recent years, diploma fraud has become an increasingly prominent issue in Singapore. Over the last five years, an average of 600 foreign workers have been banned annually for submitting fake education qualifications in their Employment Pass (EP) applications. This worrying trend has left companies vulnerable to hiring deceptive candidates, posing significant risks to their productivity, reputation, and employees.

Employers in Singapore must obtain an EP from MOM on behalf of the foreign workers they wish to hire. With the growing prevalence of diploma fraud, MOM has recognized the need to take decisive action to protect employers and maintain the integrity of the country's workforce.

New regulations: third-party verification proof

Starting September 2023, all new EP applications will require third-party verification proof to confirm the authenticity of an applicant's diploma-level qualifications and above, as well as proof of their institution's accreditation. This mandatory verification requirement is designed to eliminate fraudulent applications and ensure that only candidates with genuine qualifications are granted Employment Passes.

The Ministry of Manpower has taken this initiative to protect employers from the risks associated with hiring candidates with fake qualifications. By implementing these verification measures, MOM aims to maintain Singapore's reputation as a hub for skilled talent and preserve its competitive edge in the global market.

The importance of ensuring authentic qualifications

Ensuring the authenticity of qualifications is crucial for several reasons. When employers hire candidates with fake qualifications, they run the risk of compromising their company's productivity and performance. Employees with fraudulent credentials may lack the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to perform their roles effectively, leading to a decrease in the quality of work and potential negative consequences for clients or customers. Furthermore, hiring deceptive candidates can create a toxic work environment, as employees who possess genuine qualifications may feel demotivated or resentful towards unqualified coworkers.

Moreover, companies that unknowingly hire candidates with fake qualifications can suffer significant reputational damage. Clients, partners, and stakeholders may question the credibility and integrity of the organization, which can lead to a loss of business and long-term damage to the company's brand. By ensuring that all employees possess authentic qualifications, employers can maintain their reputation and uphold the trust of their clients and partners.

MOM's collaboration with Veremark

In order to facilitate this new verification process, MOM has selected Veremark as an accredited background screening company approved to issue verification proof in Singapore. With Veremark's MOM Education Verification Package, employers can ensure compliance with MOM regulations, a critical step in hiring qualified, reliable foreign workers.

Veremark's verification process involves a thorough examination of an applicant's education credentials, including their diploma, degree, or other relevant qualifications. This process verifies the authenticity of the documents and confirms that the institution is accredited. By employing Veremark's services, employers can have peace of mind knowing that their potential hires possess genuine qualifications, thereby minimizing the risks associated with diploma fraud.

The role of technology in verification processes

Technology has played a pivotal role in enhancing the verification process for education credentials. Veremark's innovative digital platform utilizes advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to streamline the verification process and improve its accuracy. By leveraging technology, Veremark can conduct thorough background checks more efficiently, reducing the time and resources required by employers.

Additionally, digital platforms like Veremark's allow for secure storage and management of verification data. Employers can easily access and manage their candidates' verification information, ensuring that all compliance requirements are met throughout the hiring process. This digital approach not only simplifies the verification process but also provides employers with a centralized, secure platform to manage their hiring and compliance needs.

The impact of tighter regulations on Singapore's economy and workforce

The implementation of stricter regulations on Employment Pass applications is expected to have a positive impact on Singapore's economy and workforce. By ensuring that foreign workers possess genuine qualifications, Singapore can maintain a high standard of talent within its borders, attracting investment and promoting economic growth. The presence of a skilled and qualified workforce is crucial for the continued growth and success of Singapore's key industries, such as finance, technology, and manufacturing.

Furthermore, the new regulations will also benefit local employees. By upholding the integrity of the workforce and minimizing the prevalence of diploma fraud, MOM's initiative creates a level playing field for both local and foreign talent. Genuine, qualified candidates will have better opportunities for career growth and development, fostering a more competitive and dynamic labor market in Singapore.

Looking ahead: The future of employment verification in Singapore

As Singapore continues to adapt to the challenges posed by diploma fraud and other forms of deception in the employment market, the introduction of third-party verification proof is likely just the beginning. Employers and authorities will need to remain vigilant and continue to adapt their verification processes and requirements to address emerging threats and trends.

In the long term, the collaboration between MOM and Veremark may pave the way for the development of more sophisticated verification systems, incorporating new technologies such as blockchain and biometrics to provide even greater assurance of the authenticity of candidates' qualifications. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing new solutions, Singapore can ensure the ongoing integrity of its workforce and maintain its position as a global leader in attracting and nurturing top talent.


The introduction of third-party verification proof for Employment Pass applications marks a new era in Singapore's fight against diploma fraud. By partnering with Veremark, the Ministry of Manpower aims to protect employers from the risks of hiring deceptive candidates and ensure the quality of the country's foreign workforce.

Veremark’s MOM Education Verification Package allows employers in Singapore to be confident in their hiring decisions, knowing that they are compliant with MOM's new regulations and employing qualified, reliable foreign workers. With these measures in place, Singapore continues to demonstrate its commitment to maintaining a skilled, competitive workforce and upholding its position as a leading global business hub.

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