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Australia Screening Packages - Veremark

Perfect for employers who want to screen on a pay-as-you-go basis

Our Pay As You Go screening packages provide employers with an economical and accessible choice for fast and accurate checks when making a single hire in Australia.

Note: These packages are designed to be used when screening one individual at a time in Australia. If you are looking for a regular background checking service for your business or organisation, and to see our full range of checks available globally, please sign up for a Veremark account.

Workforce Screening package

Order the Veremark AS4811:2022 package to get comprehensive background check for an individual candidate.

Australian Workforce Screening Standard (AS 4811)

Veremark has developed a guide covering the minimum requirements for compliance with the Australian Standard for Workforce Screening (AS 4811:2022).

Standalone Checks

Order one check at a time. No commitment. No hassle. Straightforward process.

Nationwide Criminal History Check with Certificate

The criminal check is a search of the National Names Index for disclosable court outcomes across police records in all Australian states and territories.

Professional Membership and Qualification

Seeks to verify the information provided by the candidate directly with the relevant governing body for license or qualification provided.

100 points ID Check

Verification of the candidate’s identity using the 100-point model under the Financial Transactions Reports Act 1988 (FTR Act).

Extended Global Sanction Check

A collection of hundreds of exclusion and entity lists.

Social Media Check

Check across a variety of online sources including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Reddit.

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