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Australian Workforce Screening Standard

The Australian Standard for Employment Screening AS4811 was introduced in 2006 as a guide on how to approach the important area of employment risk and to ensure the integrity, identity and credentials of personnel within an organization.

The key elements of Australian Standards Employment Screening 4811 during its inception were Identity Checks, Address Verification, Employment Verification, Reference Checks, Criminal Checks and Education Checks.

Based on a review of the Standard in March 2022,  updates were made to include additional verifications and the introduction of a continuous personnel risk management framework. The framework includes the full life cycle of personnel risk management that the standard refers to  as 

Veremark has developed a comprehensive solution set to assist clients in complying with the minimum requirement for AS4811:2022 that includes:

  • Identity (ID) check
  • Right to Work verification
  • Address Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Reference Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Education Check
  • Social Media Check
  • Employee Rescreening

Additional Optional Checks - based on the nature of the industry, risk associated with the job type and/or the hierarchy of position can be included for an additional cost.

The Veremark platform gives you the flexibility to order a package of checks that meets the AS4811:2022 standard, with an option to include additional checks as required by the role type and the industry. All of this without the need to open an account, pay a joining fee or commit to a lengthy contract.

Further information on the Initial standard AS4811:2006 can be found on

What happens after you place an order?

Veremark will use the contact details you provide for the candidate or employee to send an email invitation to visit our secure portal where they can complete a quick form providing the necessary information to start the checks. Information required will be dependent on specific checks being conducted.

For example:

  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Addresses for the last 6 years and the dates lived there
  • National Insurance number
  • Two ID documents (usually Passport and Driving license)
  • 5 years of employment references

Results of checks are emailed to the client and, upon request, posted to and retained on the Veremark platform for client use and review.

AS Workforce Screening


Standard Package recommendation based on AS 4811:2022:

  • ID Check
  • Right to Work Check
  • Address Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Reference Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Education Check
  • Social Media Check
AUD 282
excl. GST
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Package recommendation based on AS 4811:2022 for higher risk hire such as Senior Management Position or, Executives to include:

  • All Checks in Standard Risk Package
  • Directorship and Shareholding Search
  • Global Fraud / Sanctions Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Credit Search
  • Financial Regulatory Search
  • Adverse Media Search
AUD 591
excl. GST
Buy Higher Risk Package
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What is AS4811 check?

The AS 4811 Standard is a self-regulatory code of practice, released by the Australian Standards Committee MB-009, Human Resources and Employment , that sets out requirements and guidance for the development of organization-specific workforce screening principles, policies and processes. This Standard applies to organizations of any type and size.

What does the AS4811 Standard Include?

AS4811:2020 Standard at Veremark would typically include:

  • ID check
  • Right to Work
  • Address Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Reference Check
  • Criminal Check
  • Education Check
  • Social Media Check
  • Re-screening
Is there an option to include additional checks on the standard package?

Yes, there is an option to include as many additional checks as required on the Standard AS 4811 package.

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