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Social Media Screening

According to a recent study, 1 in 9 people had some sort of red flagged online content, an increase from 1 in 15 people during pre-COVID-19. Violent behavior results have also climbed to 1 in 33 from 1 in 60 people.

In an age of remote work and social distancing, social media usage has risen greatly over the recent months. Coupled with the change in hiring and interviewing virtually, the effect of social media on the hiring process is more than ever.

In this webinar, we look to discuss the state of social media screening in today’s world and how you can adapt this to your current hiring process. Join us in this interactive session as we gather your thoughts and discuss:

  • Why is social media vetting relevant in today's world? Are they worth checking?
  • Examples of social media gone wrong in the workplace globally
  • What constitutes a social media report?
  • How social media checks help boost your background check compliance?
  • What are the good practices when it comes to conducting social media checks?

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