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Rescreening - Mitigate risks during employment

While the first background check is a great starting step to reduce hiring risk in today’s modern world - should it really just stop there?

The workforce of today are dynamic, and so too are the potential risks they may pose. From internal fraud, workplace violence or a criminal record gained during employment that may compromise an employee's position - the warning signs may already be there.

That’s where rescreening comes in. Typically, only thought of as an activity reserved within regulated sectors such as healthcare and financial services - Veremark are increasingly seeing this approach used as a best practice across all industry sectors to go beyond the initial check, and most importantly to protect an organizations' people, brand and reputation into the future.

Watch the recording of our latest interactive webinar with Veremark’s own Head of Sales, Jeremiah Chow and Head of Operations Samantha Foo as they cover the essentials of rescreening and all you should know - this includes:

  • The basics of rescreening and types of checks
  • The advantages to your organization
  • Insights into companies already doing rescreening
  • Frequent questions and answers and live Q&A opportunities

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