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Hybrid Work Model: Is it Here to Stay Webinar

In a recent survey conducted by Dubber, it was concluded that 81% of executive leaders believe hybrid work will be the primary working model by 2024. On the other hand, 72% of business leaders surveyed also admit their organization lacked a detailed hybrid strategy.

Hybrid work models are advantageous for companies because they provide opportunities for their employees to have more time off from their jobs than what is possible with either full-time or part-time models. They also help companies retain their employees by giving them more free time. On the flip side, it can lead to communication challenges for distributed teams in various locations, a disconnect between onsite and remote employees, diminished client experience, increased employee isolation, and heightened cyber risks.

Considering that it has both advantages and disadvantages, the future of the hybrid work model is not a certain one. We've invited some experts to get their thoughts on whether hybrid models will likely stay in the future.

Watch the webinar recording as our expert guest speaker dive deep into the following topics:

  • Major pros and cons of a hybrid work model
  • What are the major challenges of implementing or managing a hybrid work model?
  • Is hybrid working the best form of work model?
  • Permanent work from home vs hybrid model, which one is better?
  • Best practices for implementing hybrid wok model
  • Tips for keeping your hybrid team engaged and productive

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