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How To Win Hiring By Optimising Your Background Checking Process

Hiring great talent when your business needs it has never been more challenging. 2021 data shows time to hire across all industries has increased to 35 days, by most accounts, it has gotten harder and slower since then.

To win the race for top talent, companies must align their offerings to the expectations of job seekers and hire at a faster pace than their competition by overhauling their traditional hiring practices. With speed, user experience and quality as the north star, forward-leaning recruitment teams are redesigning their operations, with a focus on leveraging modern technology solutions and processes.

Join Veremark and Talent Tech Solutions in our upcoming webinar and learn how HR and Talent Acquisition can seize the competitive advantage and hire great talent faster by optimising their recruiting processes and technology. We will also touch on:

  • How to analyse your recruiting process to identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities
  • How to calculate the costs of slow hiring and justify new investment
  • Best practices and trends in deploying background checks as part of an optimised recruiting process
  • How can companies remain compliant and confident about candidate quality without a slow process or poor experience
  • How background checking technology can improve candidate experience

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