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What You Need To Know About Hiring This Month...

We have all heard so much about the 'Great Resignation'. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review (source: Who is Driving the Great Resignation?),  more than 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021 with resignations peaked in April. This trend has remained extremely high for the past months, with 10.9 million open jobs at the end of July. Are you impacted by this phenomenon and facing hiring challenges?

In this month's spotlight, we'll show how you as a HR leader can upskill yourself and brave for this tribulation.


6 Crucial Areas for HR & TA to Upskill

Crucial Areas for HR & TA to Upskill in 2021

We reached out to some of our partners, including Globalization Partners, JobAdder and Bullhorn to get their global perspective on how we can strategically upskill for the year ahead.

Read the article to see what the experts have got to say.

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Exclusive Interview: Veremark CEO Daniel Callaghan Discusses $2.8M Seed Round and Pre-employment Screening on the Blockchain

Daniel Callaghan, our CEO of Veremark, discusses the $2.8 Million Seed Round of VC with WorkTech Founder George LaRocque. Along with the details related to the funding round, Daniel explains:

  • Veremark’s “career passport” model.
  • Leveraging the blockchain for employer and candidate benefit.
  • How Veremark differs from legacy pre-employment screening providers.
Veremark CEO Interview WorkTech

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Missed Our Webinar Last Week?

In last week's virtual coffee chat, Veremark and Ezra delved deeper into how to attract and retain your best talent by investing in employee experience.

"The modern worker is really demanding a much better user experience," Ezra COO, Jack Prevezer, explained during the session. "This experience starts even before they join the team, straight through to onboarding and beyond. It extends to their experience once they are settled into a role, the support they receive, the opportunities for coaching..."

Daniel Callaghan, Veremark CEO, highlighted that an amazing recruitment and background checking experience forms part of this.

Veremark and Ezra Post Webinar

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