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It's been a month since background screening history was made - when some of the world's largest BPOs came together and agreed to adopt a new way of background checks...

Well, technically it's still the same process. It's just at less cost, less wastage, less duplication. Plus it's safer, faster and more efficient.

Called the Career Passport, you can learn more about Veremark's new blockchain-based approach to career credential management by checking out this e-book.

Hiring Legislation Changes for the UK

In alignment with easing lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures in the UK, the government is reverting back to the use of face-to-face and physical document checks as of 21 June 2021.  Learn everything you need to know below.

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Over 200 HR & Recruitment leaders are getting together to talk about 'what blockchain means for HR & Recruitment.'
Get in on the conversation by joining our webinar in partnership with Affinidi and We Love Work.

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New Product Functionality

Candidate and user experience is a top priority at Veremark, which is why we've just released a bunch of features to help your candidates complete their checks even faster and easier. Like the ability to provide consent electronically with an E-signature.

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45%+ ROI on Automated Reference Checks

Something simple like automating reference checks could save you big time. But just how much are we talking here?

Try our Reference Check ROI Calculator here to find out.

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