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What You Need To Know About Hiring This Month...


Veremark’s 2022 Annual Report is based on the background check data collected from over 100,000 checks from companies and professionals across 6 countries and 5 key industries last year.

This report focuses on the state of hiring and background check discrepancies and is an essential guide to all recruiters and HR professionals conducting hires, background checks and onboarding in 2022.

The information in the report can be used to decide which checks and verification procedures that organizations should run as a baseline for all staff, and augment for more senior and specialist hires.


In this month's spotlight, we'll look at State of Hiring and Background Checks Discrepancies.


discrepancies report for lp

State of Hiring and Background Checks Discrepancies

This full annual report comprehensively covers the following in detail:

- What areas and factors can Background Checks discover?

- Where did the findings come from by country and sector?

- Discrepancies by top 5 sectors

- Discrepancies by top 6 countries

and more...

Download State of Discrepancies Report


Recent Updates

Disclosure and Barring Service Fee Changes 2022

Following a recent fee review,  there will be a reduction in fees for DBS checks from 6 April 2022.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) will be reducing fees for Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS checks and Veremark will be passing on these savings to our customers.

Eric Robinson, CEO of DBS:

"We aim to offer good value for money to our customers and, after a review, we are pleased to be able to reduce the fees for DBS checks. The change in fees reinforces our commitment to providing high quality, reliable, consistent, timely, and accessible services."

Veremark Platform - 'Get Started' page

From Monday 28th March a new feature: The 'Get started' screen will go live on the platform.  

The new page will provide useful guidance for new and existing users on how to create packages, add users and initiate integrations.


Missed Our Webinar last Webinar?

In our recent webinar,take a deep dive in to the cutting-edge world of social media screening, including:

  • Social media screening - myths busted!
  • The impacts of social media screening
  • Social media screening in 2022 – an increasing growing trend when businesses conduct background checks
  • How to improve your social media screening process or even to get started
  • What’s in a social media screening report and best practices by businesses?

Watch the Recording of Social Media Webinar


Veremark at HR Transform 2022!

What an eventful 3 days at HR Transform 2022!

HR Transform 2022 has brought together leading business and HR executives, investors and entrepreneurs building and inspiring the new world of work.

Our CEO, Daniel Callaghan had a great session with the panelists on ’Emerging Technologies Impact on FoW’. The discussion touched on several topics: discovering new technology, exploring the latest trends and learning how to evaluate these tools to determine if they are right for the future of your organization.

We are really thankful to be part of this 3 days filled event with the HR community. We hope everyone had a great time at HR Transform 2022 and for those that pop by our massage station, a great massage!


Our Upcoming Webinar - Unlocking High Performance Through an Engaged Workforce

Unlocking High Performance Through an Engaged Workforce Panel Discussion

According to a recent report published by Harvard Business Review, 41% of employees on a global scale, are considering resigning from their roles. In addition, 36% of those leaving their roles do so without having secured their next job. What can organizations do to attract, hire, engage and retain?

Join us in this panel discussion with CIPD and find out:

  • Overview of the candidate market
  • Challenges in recruiting top talent
  • Best practices in hiring top talent
  • How to build an engaged workforce and unlock high performance by:
  • -   Hiring the right person for the role
  • -   Developing the needed skills in learning and development
  • How can HR leaders support their organizations to win the war of talent

Watch the Recording the Webinar


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