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What You Need To Know About Background Checks This Month...

"The disgusting abuse of the English players following their penalty misses or any person of colour at any time should not and cannot be tolerated further," explained Veremark CEO, Daniel Callaghan, following the Euro 2020 debacle.

"All of the people that have posted vile insults on social media "probably" have jobs.
Use to conduct social media checks on prospective hires and ensure people with such bias don't end up in your company."


When you complete background checks on potential new hires, it's not just about compliance and confirming records... It's about ensuring the person you're hiring will fit in culturally.

Social media checks, for example, can give you a real feel of the behavior and personality of the person you're thinking of welcoming into your team. And with all the negative behaviour on social media following events like the Euro 2020, knowing your candidate is more topical than ever.

That's why we're placing the spotlight on it in this month's newsletter.


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Candidate & Employee Experience Automation

Candidate Experience was one of the most talked-about subjects in HR in 2020... Putting it high on HR and TA's list of priorities for 2021. Especially in talent-short industries like FinTech.

We partnered with the team from LeapGen to bring you an insightful recorded session on how you can automate for a great Candidate and Employee Experience.

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Hiring Legislation Changes for the UK

In alignment with easing lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures in the UK, the government is reverting back to the use of face-to-face and physical document checks as of 31 August 2021.  Learn everything you need to know below.

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45%+ ROI on Automated Reference Checks

Something simple like automating reference checks could save you time and money. Some of our clients report as much as a 45% ROI.

To see what your specific business could save, try our Reference Check ROI Calculator here.

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