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The human aspect of Human Resources (HR) is perhaps the most important element. While being efficient and effective with clinical precision is awesome, a clinical and rather sterile work environment isn’t all that pleasant. Emphasising efficiency while still focusing on human beings is the way forward.

With geographic locations no longer being a barrier for human capital, cultural intelligence has become much more relevant today. Having a better understanding of different cultures and backgrounds makes it easier for employees to interact. A culturally competent HR team also helps them make the entire team work together better.


In this month's spotlight, we'll explore Making HR Human Again.


Making HR Human Again

How do we make HR Human Again?

Employee engagement and rewards and recognition programs are some of the best ways to put the ‘oomph’ into your people.

Keeping your employees inspired isn’t always easy, but it is worth it.

Read on to find out how enhanced engagement can help teams work together better.

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Veremark at TechServe Alliance Executive Summit

Daniel as Panelist

Our CEO, Daniel Callaghan was one of the panelists for the panel discussion ‘Assembling a Winning Team For Your Staffing Firm’ at the TechServe Alliance Executive Summit held last month.

Check out the highlights of this conversation with other industry thought leaders while they explore the advantages and drawbacks of each approach.

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Missed Our Webinar Last Week?

Globalization Partners Webinar

In our recent on demand webinar, we look at how hiring managers can eliminate the risks and challenges when it comes to hiring talents remotely.

Remote working is a double-edged sword for employers. While enjoying reduced overheads, increased productivity and reduced absenteeism, employers face difficulties arising around team building, maintenance of equipment and maintaining oversight of the workforce.

This webinar covers:

  • How the issues highlighted by the global pandemic impact the future of work?
  • What are the most significant challenges when it comes to hiring remotely?
  • What are the changing candidate behaviors? And how can companies adapt to them?
  • How can companies eliminate these global hiring risks with partners globally?
  • How can various technologies help with the candidate experience?

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