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The human aspect of Human Resources (HR) is perhaps the most important element. While being efficient and effective with clinical precision is awesome, a clinical and rather sterile work environment isn’t all that pleasant. Emphasising efficiency while still focusing on human beings is the way forward.

With geographic locations no longer being a barrier for human capital, cultural intelligence has become much more relevant today. Having a better understanding of different cultures and backgrounds makes it easier for employees to interact. A culturally competent HR team also helps them make the entire team work together better.


In this month's spotlight, we'll explore Making HR Human Again.


Making HR Human Again

How do we make HR Human Again?

Employee engagement and rewards and recognition programs are some of the best ways to put the ‘oomph’ into your people.

Keeping your employees inspired isn’t always easy, but it is worth it.

Read on to find out how enhanced engagement can help teams work together better.

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Veremark at TechServe Alliance Executive Summit

Daniel as Panelist

Our CEO, Daniel Callaghan was one of the panelists for the panel discussion ‘Assembling a Winning Team For Your Staffing Firm’ at the TechServe Alliance Executive Summit held last month.

Check out the highlights of this conversation with other industry thought leaders while they explore the advantages and drawbacks of each approach.

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New Platform Releases

UK DBS Criminal Record Check - Identity Process

We have recently added an update to the platform for clients ordering UK DBS criminal record checks. Users will now need to review the submitted details and documents of their candidates within the portal.

This new feature has been implemented to ensure that we are aligned with The Disclosure and Barring Service Government legislation.

Whenever a candidate submits information, users will see a notification in the platform which they can click on to review the information and approve. If you notice any discrepancy in the submitted information, please contact Veremark directly via the live chat function or via the Customer Success team:

When you are verifying a candidate’s ID, the key elements to check are that the current name and ID match and the date of birth and the current address matches the ID used to prove address. Previous addresses do not need ID or confirmation.

Covid 19 Vaccination Check

It is now a legal requirement to check people’s COVID status in certain settings and that some people working in health and social care roles have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Covid 19 Vaccination check, available globally; provides an automated option for candidates to securely upload a PDF copy of their Vaccination certificate to the platform. This can be accessed alongside all other screening documents and results within their Veremark profile.

For more information on Government guidance, please visit your local Government Commissioners website.

Candidate New Request

A Date of Birth Field has been added to the candidate request form. This is an optional field which can still be completed by the candidate when submitting their information.

When ordering database checks such as Global Sanctions or Adverse Media, this will help to expedite the process as limited information is required.

Pay As You Go Checks & Packages

For all clients who prefer to pay as you go rather than signing a contract, a new payment method has been implemented on the platform. Stripe provides a more secure and reliable method to purchase credits.

Candidate Support – Referee Nomination

Are your candidates looking to update their referee nomination?

If they have recently nominated referees through Veremark and they would like to request a change, this can now be completed via: by clicking on “Update my Check”. * Please note, if the referee has already provided feedback, they will not be able to update the details.


Coming Soon...

New Criteria (Packages & Checks)

Following valuable feedback from our customers, Veremark will be updating the order of the checks that can be selected when creating a new Criteria for checks and packages.

Coming soon … the order of checks will be alphabetised to provide a better user experience and improve the ease of locating the check(s) required.

UK Digital Identity Document Validation for Right To Work and UK DBS Criminal Record Checks

Following the announcement that from 6 April 2022, Digital Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) will be introduced to support employers with right to work and pre-employment DBS checks; Veremark are currently working on a solution to provide to our customers.

The Home Office and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) are working with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) as it develops a UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework. The Home Office has also conducted a review of the availability of specialist technology and its ability to support a system of digital right to work and pre-employment DBS checks in the future which will enable checks to continue to be conducted remotely but with enhanced security.

For further information, please visit Digital identity document validation technology (IDVT) - GOV.UK (

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