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Globally, most companies will readily admit that they have, some time or other, made poor hiring decisions due to inaccurate background checks. Given that firms over the past two years have dealt with many previously unfamiliar and unforeseen operational challenges, such as those arising from the exceptional circumstances thrown up by the current pandemic, the chances of background check discrepancies occurring, have increased.

All businesses have high talent standards, and yet they also have to deal with the reality of limited resources. Often there is the need to move quickly to snag a prized hire, and concomitantly, there is the awareness that hiring each new employee adds business and security risk. Performing background checks on applicants and prospective employees is an acknowledged and effective means of uncovering potential issues that could impact the business in the future.


In this month's spotlight, we'll look at Comprehensive Guide to All Types of Background Checks.


Veremark Article - A Comprehensive Guide to All Types of Background Checks

A Comprehensive Guide to All Types of Background Checks

There is a wide range of background checks undertaken to verify the
antecedents of a prospective hire. Some or a combination of various checks
may be used.

Read on to find out what are the background checks that are most commonly used.

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Learn how easy it is to use Veremark's modern day background screening platform!

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Veremark automated platform is a modern background screening platform to help companies complete their pre-employment screening in a better and safer way. It provides real-time updates and notifications on the status of your checks, so you can stay informed and accelerate your time to hire. Our platform is completely free, there is no cost or set up fee to get connected.

Watch our video on how to use the Veremark platform!

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Missed Our Webinar Last Week?

Talent Tech Recorded Webinar 1

In our recent webinar, we looked on how HR and Talent Acquisition can seize the competitive advantage and hire great talent faster by optimising their recruiting processes and technology.

This webinar covered:

  • How to analyse your recruiting process to identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities
  • How to calculate the costs of slow hiring and justify new investment
  • Best practices and trends in deploying background checks as part of an optimised recruiting process
  • How can companies remain compliant and confident about candidate quality without a slow process or poor experience
  • How background checking technology can improve candidate experience

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HR Transform 2022

Veremark Team will be participating in the Upcoming HR Transform 2022 in Las Vegas.

HR Transform brings together the leading business and HR executives, investors and entrepreneurs building and inspiring the new world of work. The program for HRT 2022 features more than 65 sessions across four primary tracks of content: Human First, Social Impact, Digital Future and Workplace Transformation.

If you are at the event, head down to the Massage Stations. Take a break and relax with a massage sponsored by Veremark.

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