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What You Need To Know About Hiring This Month...

Building the workforce of the future cannot be delayed any longer. Companies can no longer have a laid-back attitude towards being ready to accommodate the needs of the future. Things happen fast in today’s business world, and there is no forgiveness for those who come late or unprepared.

Organisations need to start preparing to build their future-ready workforce today. Traditionally, organisations have battled the lack of skills or the talent gap by providing training programs and ensuring that human capital can meet the organisations’ requirements. While this is still an integral part of building your workforce, there are other things to consider as well.

In this month's spotlight, we'll explore Building the Workforce of the Future.


Building the Workforce of the Future

What must we do now to build the workforce of the future?

There is now a growing demand for thoroughly specialised workers in very specific areas. Hence, training and learning methods are changing drastically in keeping with these new demands.

Read on to find out how organisations can keep up with the changing workforce demands of the future.

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Veremark is featured as one of the top 100 ventures in the UK


The TechRound 100 is the flagship event of the year, highlighting the hard work and success of UK startups, businesses and entrepreneurs.

We are number 45 this year and we will continue to work harder the next! Well done Veremark and many thanks to all our clients who continue to put their trust in us.

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Missed Our Webinar Last Week?

Automating Reference Checks Banner

In our recent on demand webinar, we look at the benefits of automating reference checks and how you can integrate this to your current hiring process.

According to a recent research report by Glassdoor, the time required to hire new employees has grown dramatically in the last few years, with the average interview process requires nearly 23 days.

We went through the importance of doing reference checks / character references when hiring candidates and the challenges of doing reference checks. Other areas of discussion include: How reference checks potentially disrupt the work schedule of hiring managers? What are the good practices when it comes to conducting reference checks? Should you automate reference checks?

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