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7 Tips for starting a new HR job remotely

7 Tips for starting a new HR job remotely

Our industry has been abuzz about moving to remote work. Everyone’s focusing on improving the remote hiring and onboarding experience for employees. But what happens if you find yourself on the receiving end of this trend - where you are the one starting a new job remotely?

This article has handy tips to help you ace your onboarding and nail “remote networking” at your new gig.

The datafication of the workplace

The datafication of the workplace

Recruitment used to be an art. But thanks to big data and tech, it’s fast becoming a science that enables data-driven decision making. Check out this report on the datafication of the Human Resource department and what that could mean for your hiring processes.


Veremark Update

Remote Hiring Guide - Background Checks

Hiring remotely has been on the agenda for the last couple of years. And then Covid-19 happened... Moving remote hiring right to the top of the priority list - since, for many of us, working remotely remains business as usual now.

Our Background Screening Guide for Remote Hiring is designed to help you gauge which pre-employment checks you need for your remote hires.  It covers everything from job seniority level to check turnaround times.

Download the Guide here.


Monthly Podcast Pick

The Future-of-Work and how HRTech plays into that

Listen to this interview by Adrian Tan as he chats to Veremark CEO, Daniel Callaghan, about the future of work - and how HR Tech plays into that.

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