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What You Need To Know About Hiring This Month...

It's a tough market out there... Some industries report massive candidate shortages, while others receive hundreds of applicants.

One thing that unites all industries despite the turbulent times is the focus on improving candidate experience, accelerating time-to-hire, and adhering to strict compliance.

Best-in-class background checks help you tick all of the above boxes (and more).

That's why we're placing the spotlight on it in this month's newsletter.


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How to Create a Fair & Transparent Recruitment Process in financially regulated businesses?

Hiring people is a vitally important function in financially regulated businesses. Progressive organisations approach their hiring decisions more as investing in people. Making informed hiring decisions is complicated because employers need to make their hiring decisions based on the limited information available.


45%+ ROI on Automated Reference Checks

Something simple like automating reference checks could save you time and money. Some of our clients report as much as a 45% ROI.

To see what your specific business could save, try our Reference Check ROI Calculator here.

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