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The recruiting sector has changed dramatically over the previous decade. Some of these changes have been gradual, while others have occurred almost overnight.

With developments going place, companies and employment agencies are under increasing pressure to be at the top of their game when sourcing excellent personnel.

In this month's spotlight, we'll look at five ways you can try to improve your recruitment strategy in 2022.


Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent in 2022 (2)

Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent in 2022

It's self-evident that talent acquisition is migrating away from paper resumes and toward skill assessment.

On the other hand, businesses need to catch up to these trends to be remembered and preferred by candidates.

Get the full report and find out how you can improve your recruitment strategy in 2022.

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Veremark became a FSQS registered supplier!

Veremark has been awarded registered status on the FSQS supplier qualification system

We are pleased to announce that Veremark has been awarded registered status on the FSQS supplier qualification system for the financial sector.

The objective of the FSQS standard is to verify suppliers to the highly regulated financial services sector. The standard was created by main financial institutions that include insurance companies, investment services and banks who have worked together to have one standard for gathering the growing amount and complexity of 3rd party information needed to illustrate compliance to the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Being a FSQS registered supplier indicates that our organization has gone through the process required to demonstrate our commitment and credentials to the financial sector!


New Partnership with a US tech startup Ferretly

New Partnership with a US tech startup Ferretly

AI-powered social media checks for new hires are now being offered by Veremark to its clients. Artificial intelligence has been making great strides in the last few years, and it's now possible to take advantage of this technology to get candidates social media checked before they start the job.

The check offers a compliant, fair and thorough way to check years of social media activity in minutes, eliminating human bias and error, which is key to encouraging more companies to add social media checks to their standard screening processes.

Ferretly analyzes posts and images across 14 distinct risk classifications, using advanced machine learning and natural language processing to flag social media posts for specific risk factors including bullying, self-harm, narcotics, violence, violent images and (political) hate speech.

Ferretly’s social media checks are now available alongside Veremark’s existing range of employee checks, which include employment history, academic, professional qualifications, criminal, global sanctions, conflict of interest and credit.

To find out more about social media check, just click here


Missed our last Webinar about Challenges and Best Practices in Recruiting Top Talent?

Unlocking High Performance Through an Engaged Workforce (Recorded Webinar)

In this webinar, our Head of Sales (Jeremiah Chow) gathered the panelists’ thoughts and insights on the following topics:

-   Overview of the candidate market
-   Challenges in recruiting top talent
-   Best practices in hiring top talent
-   How to build an engaged workforce and unlock high performance by:
-   Hiring the right person for the role
-   Developing the needed skills in learning and development
-   How can HR leaders support their organizations to win the war of talent

Watch the Recording of the Webinar


Missed our last Webinar about Future of Work?

Recorded Webinar - Future of Work and What Does this Mean for HR Professionals

We invited Vidisha Mehta from Willis Towers Watson (WTW) and Haidhar Miraji from Veremark. It was a great interactive session as Haidhar gathered Vidisha’s thoughts and insights on the following topics:

-  What factors contribute to the future of work?
-  How have employees changed and how do companies adapt?
-  The future of your company's growth and challenges with a changing job market
-  Future of work trends 2022

Watch the Recording of the Webinar


Special Non Working Days at Veremark

Please be advised that for the month of May, there will be the following public holidays and limited services will be in operation:

2nd May, Monday: Australia, India, Singapore, UK

3rd May, Tuesday: Singapore, Philippines

9th May, Monday: Philippines

16th May, Monday: Singapore, India

30th May, Monday: U.S

For all client enquiries, please contact and a member of the team will be able to assist.

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