Veremark reveals new MOM Education Verification Package in line with updated rules at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2023.

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People Matters TechHR Singapore takes place at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 24th August - a key event in Asia’s HR calendar.

This year’s theme is ‘Art of the Possible’ - a chance to create an inclusive environment to challenge outdated methods of thinking and working. This event explores where business, technology and leadership meets, and the lessons we can learn from making an impact and finding solutions to organisational challenges.

The challenging landscape of Singapore’s hiring market

The event takes place at an interesting time in Singapore. In a bid to maintain economic integrity, and nurture a healthy competitive hiring market, the country has faced challenges.

The rise of diploma fraud - the production and procurement of falsified education credentials to secure job roles - has been a widespread problem for businesses in Singapore.

As a result, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the country’s governmental department responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies relating to the workforce in Singapore, has imposed additional measures to counter the increase of these types of bogus documents.

MOM education verification

One such measure of the role of the Employment Pass - or EP for short. An EP serves as a work visa granted by MOM to foreign professionals, managers, executives, and specialists intending to work in Singapore. Reserved for individuals with exceptional skills, the EP necessitates meeting precise criteria related to salary, education, and professional experience.

This document is indispensable for both foreign employees and their prospective employers, offering legal authorization for work and residency within Singapore.

MOM assumes the role of Singapore's labor market overseer, encompassing the administration of work visas, including the Employment Pass. In Singapore, employers assume the task of soliciting EPs for the foreign professionals they intend to employ.

MOM conducts a comprehensive assessment of these applications, considering diverse elements such as the candidate's qualifications, job responsibilities, and the employer's historical performance.

An update to the MOM education verification rules

As of 1st September 2023, MOM will implement fresh measures to verify the legitimacy of foreign workers' qualifications and the accreditation of their respective institutions. These regulations are applicable to all EP applications.

Employers are now obligated to provide third-party verification evidence that authenticates the diploma-level qualifications and higher possessed by the applicants.

This new inclusion is designed to fortify the credibility of Singapore's labor market by guaranteeing that only proficient and trustworthy foreign employees are granted Employment Passes.

Veremark’s accredited status with MOM

MOM has awarded Veremark accreditation, which means it is an approved partner to carry out these importance background checks and education verifications within Singapore. Our MOM Education Verification Package ensures total compliance with government regulations and allows businesses in Singapore that wish to hire from overseas to grow their business safely, in alliance with the new rules.

Leveraging its cutting-edge technology and extensive proficiency in background verification, Veremark has positioned itself as a reliable ally for employers who are keen on recruiting foreign workers while adhering to the mandates set forth by MOM.

Veremark's MOM Education Verification Package presents a comprehensive solution designed to aid employers in the meticulous validation of an applicant's qualifications at diploma level and beyond, along with the verification of their educational institution's accreditation. This comprehensive package encompasses:

Validation of Applicant's Qualifications: Veremark meticulously undertakes a rigorous examination to ascertain the authenticity of the applicant's educational certificates, confirming their legitimacy and origin from reputable educational institutions.

Educational Institution Accreditation Verification: Veremark diligently verifies that the educational institution from which the applicant acquired their qualifications holds valid accreditation from the appropriate governing bodies.

Provision of Verification Evidence: Following the successful completion of the verification procedure, Veremark furnishes the employer with the essential verification evidence required to be submitted along with the Employment Pass application to MOM.

Why you should use Veremark

There are several benefits to using Veremark for hiring in Singapore. By using our MOM Education Verification Package, employers in Singapore can align with the new regulations for EP applications. This service offers the following benefits to employers:

  1. Enhanced Reputation: By verifying the legitimacy of foreign workers' qualifications, employers can uphold a positive reputation in the labor market and avoid potential legal repercussions stemming from non-compliance with MOM guidelines.
  2. Risk Mitigation: Through the validation of qualifications and institution accreditations, employers can minimize the risk of hiring unqualified or deceitful candidates.
  3. Streamline Hiring: Veremark's efficient verification process enables employers to optimize their resources and time when recruiting foreign workers.

Veremark at People Matters HRTech Singapore Conference 2023

At the People Matters event, a diverse range of technologies, products, and solutions will be on display, all aimed at bolstering HR digitalization efforts. Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into state-of-the-art innovations, uncover novel tools, and access the essential resources to elevate their HR operations and streamline efficiency. Among these showcased solutions is Veremark's MOM Education Verification Package, tailored to address the requirements of Singaporean employers engaging foreign workers.

Unveiled at the People Matters Conference 2023, the updated MOM Education Verification Package presented by Veremark stands as an essential asset for Singaporean employers engaged in hiring foreign talent. In alignment with the Ministry of Manpower's latest regulations, this comprehensive offering not only simplifies the recruitment journey but also mitigates potential risks and upholds the employer's standing within the labor market. Leveraging Veremark's background screening proficiency, this package serves as a cornerstone for maintaining workforce credibility and adherence to industry standards.

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Many industries have compliance-related employment check requirements. And even if your industry doesn’t, remember that your staff have access to assets and data that must be protected. When you employ a new staff member you need to be certain that they have the best interests of your business at heart. Carrying out comprehensive background checking helps mitigate risk and ensures a safer hiring decision.

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