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The How and Why of Academic Achievement Checks

Academic achievement checking, also known as education verification, is a crucial part of basic background screening and should be carried out for candidates in all roles to ensure that the right hiring decisions are made.

Whether it’s a university degree, a GCSE or a technical qualification, educational achievement is often considered the main marker of whether a candidate can carry out a role successfully and safely. In addition, ensuring that any claims that have been made as part of the application process are genuine can help provide peace of mind that a candidate is trustworthy.

But in a competitive job market, of course candidates want to appear as the best person for the job, and it is not uncommon for them to embellish exam grades or achievements to get ahead of the competition. This of course can have disastrous consequences for employers, their reputation and their business.

A recent BBC documentary revealed that the use of fake qualifications is on the rise, with one company alone providing 215,000 fake qualifications in a single year. Many of these were sold to applicants of roles for which education and qualifications are crucial for doing the job safely, such as doctors and engineers.

Academic achievement checks will validate a candidate’s major area of study, degree or award type and dates of attendance, and is carried out directly with the institution in question. It will also verify any claimed professional membership.

And with the availability of forged documents growing, confirming the validity of documents is crucial. Recent developments in technology provide expert screening companies with additional measures to confirm that documents are genuine, for example by registering data on blockchain to ensure authenticity.

Academic achievement screening can be time consuming, but specialist screening companies can ensure that the checks don’t impact on time to hire.

Veremark are the UK’s leading background screening specialists, providing the highest quality, all digital screening for improved accuracy and speed. Talk to us today about including academic achievement checks as part of your screening bundle or as a standalone check.

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