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Integrated People Management eco-system, to help with end-to-end flow of talent and experience

An ideal staffing and recruitment talent partner does a lot more than find a client the right talent. You also want to deliver constant improvement and innovation, to spur your client’s business forward, and ensure that you remain competitive as a staffing and recruitment business. You want to create a robust people management ecosystem to help with the end-to-end flow of talent and experience for your clients.

How does this process work?

The first step in creating a flawless people management ecosystem is mapping out the journey. Candidate journey mapping is crucial as it helps organizations improve recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes and platforms.

This, in turn, means that candidates have a better experience and don’t feel meaningless going through the application and hiring process. A well-mapped process leads to more enthusiastic new hires for your clients, and could lead to more business coming your way. Such improvements could stimulate referrals or word-of-mouth regarding how you worked to improve your client’s employer brand.

Another key requirement is to work with the best HR technology partners, like Veremark, which is an easy-to-use and automated background checking system, delivering intricate and intimate knowledge of the latest HR best-practices. You can allow your team to leverage the easy-to-implement-and-use systems to deliver optimum results for your clients.

Another decisive factor for choosing the right HRTech partner is hiring platform integration capability. Using new HRTech shouldn’t mean that you cannot access the hiring platforms that work best for you, and support the end-to-end candidate hiring eco-system you are driving to optimise.

Seamless integration means that you can access the best hiring platforms with ease. Veremark performs seamless ATS integration and CRM and HRIS tool integration using powerful APIs. Working with trusted service providers ensures that your own data and candidate data are always safe. Moreover, powerful tech results in the best possible experience for the HR department and candidates.

With an immense focus on candidate experience, you can expect Veremark’s onboarding processes and platforms to help optimize your new talent hiring and onboarding needs. The easy-to-use background screening platform integrations make the entire process hassle-free. Veremark’s platform and processes help you integrate with the pre-onboarding process, welcoming new hires, getting them trained according to your needs, and phasing them into their new roles.

Smart learning and the development of systems and knowledge are also crucial for the onboarding process. L&D systems go further than just onboarding: integrating L&D into your people strategy priorities through workforce development platforms is vital to ensure that your workforce is always at the right skill level and that your company remains competitive.

When a candidate completes their employment verification with Veremark, they receive an option to view and own their personal checked data through a Veremark Career passport to aid speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. This blockchain wallet contains a securely shielded hashed record of each background checked result rather than storing explicit personal data. Its secure and lightweight format makes it is ideal for sharing sensitive personal data like identity and employment credentials. More importantly, automation is used as much as possible. This means that everything is done accurately, and the monotonous and cumbersome tasks are taken care of without you having to give it additional time and precious staffing and recruitment resources.

Ultimately, you need a system that stays with you throughout the recruitment journey: a complete and integrated people management ecosystem to help with the end-to-end flow of talent and experience. This allows both you and your client to focus on other more meaningful tasks, such as creating an even more competitive people strategy to attract, hire, onboard and ramp the very best talent.

Also, since your data is running through an interlinked ecosystem, you have access to all sorts of strategic insights. HR teams benefit from this kind of technology with reports from analytics, as it allows them to make quick, effective decisions on the go. One glance at the rich analytics insight reports lets the management know the key issues to be resolved, and longer-term trends that reveal new future innovation opportunities. This all adds additional value to the clients of staffing and recruiting businesses.


Veremark is the partner that you can rely on. While there are other ways to execute many of these tasks, Veremark goes the extra mile, offering a range of automated background checks to help onboard new candidates. The breakthrough Career Passport holds verified credentials on the blockchain and permits candidates to carry their checked history as they move between roles. This speeds up the hiring, background checking, and onboarding processes and makes them more cost-effective for hiring businesses. Staffing and recruiting businesses, on behalf of their clients, only need to verify the latest education, employment, training, and life events of new employees.

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