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Your Remote Hiring Cheatsheet: Setting the Stage for Success

In your search for the best talent, you might be considering taking a global approach to hiring for your company—but how exactly do you run an international background check? And what’s the best way to hire remote workers in the first place?

We’re here to help you set the stage for successful global hiring. Hear from Jess Romano, Head of Partnerships and Sales at Oyster, and Jeremiah Chow, Head of Sales at Veremark, in a live Q&A session as they discussed:

🧑‍💻    The benefits and challenges of remote hiring

🔍    Methods for screening remote workers

👥    How to hire the right person remotely

📋    Hiring regulations in different countries

🏦    Solutions to global payroll pain points

Ready to tackle remote hiring like a pro? Watch the webinar recording!

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