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Social Media Screening: The Accelerating Trend in Eliminating Potential Hiring Risks

When you screen prospective staff, what checks do you use?

Have you considered social media screening?

When asked that question, most people will often find it an odd request.

I mean, surely that would be inappropriate? After all, what someone does in their private life should really have no bearing on their professional life, right? Plus, is that even legal?

There are a lot of misconceptions about social media vetting, but it is fast becoming the most important service you can run when screening prospective staff. At a time when most companies will not issue negative references and when criminal convictions are becoming less accessible, more and more organisations are turning to social media checks to avoid bad hires and thereby protect their staff, their clients and their reputations.

Join our webinar as we take a deep dive in to the cutting-edge world of social media screening, including:

  • Social media screening - myths busted!
  • The impacts of social media screening
  • Social media screening in 2022 – an increasing growing trend when businesses conduct background checks
  • How to improve your social media screening process or even to get started
  • What’s in a social media screening report and best practices by businesses?

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