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Recruitment Process Outsourcing | How to Create an 'On Point' Candidate Experience

Do you know that 75% of all candidate applications contain inaccurate information?

How can you automate your screening process in order to get the best employers particularly in the current climate of remote employees Gen Z and the highly competitive talent market?

When used strategically, a recruitment process outsourcer (RPO) can represent a valuable tool that can deliver flexibility and cost savings especially given the current ‘great resignation, and the abundance of high growth, scaling companies.

However, it’s not just the recruitment that can be outsourced. Pre-employment screening, when associated with an RPO can deliver several outcomes that positively impact the candidate, the employer and the RPO itself.

Watch the webinar recording as our expert guest speaker explained:

  • Factors to consider when selecting an RPO partner
  • The importance of candidate experience
  • How to improve time to hire
  • How to manage skills shortages and compliance

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