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Overcoming the Challenges of Recruiting in Today's World

According to a recent report in Labour Force Australia, the country's unemployment rate has decreased to 4.2 per cent, the lowest in almost 14 years. Candidates are not willing to accept just any offer. In fact, they are becoming more selective about their wants from employment.

For recruiters, the responsibilities have increased tremendously, coupled with online interviews and the explicit hunt for the right candidates on a global scale. Many are aware of the challenges of 2022 but can they effectively address these hiring issues?

Join us in this highly interactive session where we gather insights from The Nudge Group along with the audience, covering:

  • What are the top challenges facing recruiters in APAC today
  • How to leverage on technology to hire faster and recruit quality candidates
  • Getting offers and acceptances without hiring managers meeting the candidates
  • Know your market to sell the role to candidates
  • Looking for passive talent and building a case for them to move

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