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Can personality assessment predict job success?

According to people analytics firm Visier, 1 in 4 workers quit their job this year. In fact, The Great Resignation is accelerating and the volume at which people are changing jobs is unprecedented. With unemployment at an all-time low, candidate attraction is high on the agenda for many organisations.

What can you as employers do to be a step ahead of your competitors? Are you ready to compete in today's candidate driven market and most importantly, are you confident that your new hire will really add value and move your department forward?

Join us in this highly interactive session where we gather insights from PeopleMaps along with the audience, covering:

  • What is personality assessment? Are all personality tests created equal and what are the common misconceptions of personality assessment?

  • How can we use personality assessment to predict employee attrition?

  • What are the best practices in eliminating the wrong hires and what are the hidden costs of hiring?

  • What are the important traits to look for outside of a CV in the hybrid work environment?

  • Should personality assessment be a pass/fail criteria in hiring? How can companies mitigate hiring risks other than personality assessment?

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