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UK FinTech Hiring Trends in 2023 – Free Whitepaper Download - Hiring Guide Report 2023

How to Identify, Interview, Background Screen, and Onboard Talent Fast

As fintech becomes more established, important and ubiquitous, the demand for talent will continue to rise.

With London being one of the top Fintech centres in the world, the UK fintech industry will continue to thrive as the funding pace reaches pre-pandemic levels. To scale rapidly, UK fintech companies must attract and retain quality skilled talent, both technical and commercial.

Even as banking and financial services companies collaborate with Fintechs, both compete for the limited talent pool available. With embedded finance, eCommerce and consumer companies are also making a foray into financial services, which will put further pressure on the limited talent pool.

UK fintech companies therefore need to broaden their talent sourcing, and hire talent from the EU and other global regions. As fintechs are part of a highly regulated industry, there is a need to ensure that candidates are properly screened and vetted before they are hired.

Fintechs can leverage the specialised, knowledgable and experienced services of the background screening and reference check platforms offered by Veremark, to ensure improved efficiency and accuracy in their hiring, and importantly to comply with UK financial regulations.

In this report, we discuss:

- UK macroeconomic / regulatory / technology trends

- Seven Emerging Tech-talent Battlegrounds

- UK FinTech hiring & talent trends in 2023

- How is Veremark helping UK FinTech businesses to hire against these key macroeconomic and FinTech sector trends?

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